February 4, 2023

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VRT still broadcasts a report with Kath Luyten in Russia |  Television

VRT still broadcasts a report with Kath Luyten in Russia | Television

TelevisionPublic Radio decided to cancel the episode “Neighbor What Are You Doing Now?” With basketball player Emma Messman (29) in Russia anyway. On Thursday, June 30, you’ll see how Cath Luyten (44) visits the gorgeous athletic lady.

Because of the war between Ukraine and Russia, the VRT channel hesitated for some time to broadcast the episode in question. At the time of filming in Russia, in January of this year, there was no indication that the conflict would escalate in such a short time. “This is also included in the audio commentary,” public radio said.

Meesseman had been playing for Russian basketball club UMMC Yekaterinburg for seven years when he visited Luyten. In the report, the athlete was very candid about her life on and off the field. She says, among other things, “I don’t see myself in a relationship as long as I live this life.” “At this point, I don’t have time for that and I’m never at home. There is definitely a desire to have children, but it can all come true later, but not now.”

Six weeks after Cath visited Emma, ​​Russia invaded Ukraine. A week later, Messman, like other foreign colleagues, left the country and returned to Ypres. Emma herself is now playing her season in Chicago and has canceled her contract with Russia’s UMMC Yekaterinburg. Or how the world could suddenly look completely different in just a few weeks.

“Neighbor, what are you doing now?”: Every Thursday at 9.15 pm one day

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