February 5, 2023

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Wagner Group: We are bringing back the bodies of Ukrainian soldiers killed in Solidar in twenty trucks | Ukraine and Russia war

The battle for the Ukrainian mining town of Solidar took countless lives on both sides. Wagner’s Russian mercenary army is now planning to return the bodies of the fallen Ukrainian soldiers there to their original base. And Reuters news agency wrote that this will happen in a convoy of about twenty trucks.

The much-discussed Wagner Group announced that it had captured Solidar on 11 January. Two days later, the pro-Russian authorities in the Ukrainian province of Donetsk delivered the same message.

Wagner’s chief Yevgeny Prigozhin rejoiced. His mercenaries did the job that the Russian army could not do.

But this “success” comes with a price. Wagner often appeals to recruits from Russian prisons who serve as mere cannon fodder on the battlefield. New data shows that an average of nine out of ten Wagner fighters die in Ukraine.

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“in a dignified way”

However, the losses are also high on the Ukrainian side. According to RIA FAN, a site linked to Prigozhin, the relatives now face a grim prospect. We will return the bodies of the killed Ukrainian soldiers to the territory under Ukrainian control. “It will be done in four to five convoys, twenty trucks in all,” said Wagner’s commander. Prigozhin reportedly added that the return would take place in a “dignified manner”.

Wagner’s chief only came into the spotlight five months ago. Then Prigozhin admitted that it was indeed he who founded the Russian mercenary army. He said: “We work completely independently and we have our own planes, tanks, missiles and artillery.”

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