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War to Prevent the Killing of China and Yulin Hybrid Dogs – Corriere.it

COhn Summer solstice Yulin Festival is back. Using a festive expression for a massacre is absurd: in the Chinese city they are caught in a pot, locked in cages, and quarter dogs. After years of criticism, it seemed that the festival that frightened us should be banned. But not so. In April 2020, Beijing’s Ministry of Agriculture announced a “restructuring of food resources”. Text listed livestock, from pigs to chickens, can be raised until they end up in the food chain; Dogs (and cats) are not included. In fact, they were never included in the “Minister of Meat Animals” list.

188 million pets

But for the first time, officials of the People’s Republic of China showed concern for dogs, saying, “With the progress of civilization and the concern of the people for the preservation of nature, dogs are no longer considered pets, but human companions, as in other parts of the world.” Say Employers spend $ 26 billion a year For them). Excluded from breeding for food purposes. But is still subject to testing to provide Yule market and other cities.

Dehydration and fear

Activists of Humane Society International yesterday They parked a truck loaded with dogs on the highway leading to Yulin in the southern region of Guangxi. 68 of them, in deplorable health conditions, were trapped in cages, exhausted from travel, dehydrated and frightened. “Their behavior made us understand that they are animals accustomed to interacting with humans. They put their feet in our handsThey must have been stolen around China by festival suppliers, ”said Liang Jia of Human Society International.

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The government’s response

Why was no order issued to end the festival? Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Ms. Hua Suning was questioned in Beijing. Answer: «First of all this is not a diplomatic question. However, the federal government learned it from Yule’s officials The locals have a habit of eating lychee fruits and dog meat on summer musical days. Individuals’ food preferences. There was no official celebration, and the local government never supported or organized the so-called dog meat festival.
The massacre of summer music is not an ancient Chinese tradition. Yulin merchants invented the “party” in 2010 to attract tourists. Consumption of dog meat is still considered “healthy” in much of Asia: 30 million animals are killed and eaten each year from Korea to Cambodia; Two-thirds in China.

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