June 10, 2023

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Washington Post: Russia was behind the Viasat cyber attack according to US – IT Pro – News

Downplaying the significance doesn’t help explain what’s going on.

Your statement is a paradox,
You’re implying that you don’t know what’s going on, but restricting liberties and spending tax money based on photos is justified.

You do not consider yourself that the West has been doing the same for years,

Inside the British Army’s Secret Information War Machine
They’re soldiers, but the 77th Brigade edits videos, records podcasts, and writes viral posts. Welcome to the era of information warfare

They had operational targets all over the world: Iran, Africa, North Korea, Russia and the United Kingdom. Operations sometimes focused on specific individuals and groups, and sometimes on broader systems or even the population in general. Operation Quito was a campaign, which lasted some time after 2009, to prevent Argentina from taking the Falkland Islands. “We hope this will lead to a pioneering, large-scale and long-term impact process,” the presentation slide explained. As of March 2011, Another operation aimed at regime change in Zimbabwe by discrediting the ZANU-PF party.

Read it quietly and let it sink in and then come and make that claim again 🙂

destabilize Europe Some countries is an important target for Russia West. Catching some dubious trends is definitely part of that.

It remains strange that so many people suddenly think that they can have an opinion that the information is questionable and therefore should be banned?
Participate in the discussion about Twitter for example once it was banned in Turkey and that ‘censorship’ is of the highest level 😄 There may have been some truth to the allegations as the EU and the US now assert that when there is half-truths confirmed information undermines the foundations of your community.

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Or do we have higher morals here if Facebook allows death threats without embarrassment and do we all know better?

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