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WATCH: HUGE CUP HIT: Smart STVV wins 1-4 over Club Brugge |  Sketch Cup 2022/2023

WATCH: HUGE CUP HIT: Smart STVV wins 1-4 over Club Brugge | Sketch Cup 2022/2023

Club Brugge goes to the Christmas table with an unprecedented hangover: the club was eliminated in the 1/8 finals of the Cup after a home humiliation. The champion took the lead, but then he made several mistakes and even completely collapsed.


17′ long 1-0,

33′ Broyles 1-1,

62′ Bruno 1-2

69′ Hayashi 1-3,

87′ Bruno 1-4

Brief profile of Club Brugge-STVV:

Key moment: Mignolet’s blunder confirmed that STVV could enter the break with a glimmer of hope and stay in the game.

man of the match Bruno put STVV ahead with a deflected ball and delivered a knockdown at the end of the match after a sharp tackle.

distinct: Hayashi had to replace Konate after only five minutes, and later in the match he provided a goal and an assist.

The club dominates, but Mignolet seduces

Carl Hofkins did not intend to approach the 16th Kroke Cup as a third-tier match. He started with the best eleven players at his disposal.

So it was no surprise that Club Brugge completely dominated the match. Blauw-zwart camped out in the STVV half and forced plenty of corner kicks, from which there was no real danger.

But in the 17th minute it was time after a nice individual work from Lang. He fired a rebound from his own half and rushed into Schmidt’s goal. A cold-blooded finish followed: 1-0.

Suddenly out of nowhere came 1-1 Brulls, who scored perhaps the easiest goal of his career. Mignolet gave him a Christmas present early on and kicked the ball across the chest, after which the ball flew into the net.

So resting 1-1, on the game picture.

Sensational STVV after the break

After another fifteen minutes in which Club Brugge dominated, STVV scored by hitting the rebound. A deflected ball flew off Bruno, and Mignolet had no chance.

Surely that wouldn’t be true, stunt STVV in Club Brugge? Victory over a thief?

Yes, because the lead created plenty of space at the back of Club Brugge, which De Kanaries took full advantage of.

Club Brugge completely collapsed and two quick STVV counts converted flawlessly, making it no less than 1-4.

STVV finds a ticket to the Croky Cup quarter-finals in its bag of chips, chokes the club and has to immediately reverse after its first post-World Cup game.

The concert at Jan Breedel has already spoken volumes.

  1. End at 9:51 p.m. Club Brugge is knocked out of the Croquet Cup. Club Brugge dominated the entire match, but you don’t buy anything with that. With goals, because STVV scored four times and unexpectedly advanced to the quarter-finals of the Croquet Cup. The Canary Islands can ride the bus with a sweet 4-1 victory. & nbsp; .
  2. The second half, the 94th minute, the match is over
  3. Second half, minute 92. Club Brugge appeared to be on their way to qualifying effortlessly after half an hour, but nothing could be further from the truth. . Johan de Calloy.
  4. Second half, minute 92. Great header from close range by Larren, but Schmidt can somehow stop the ball. It now looks like Club Brugge is completely exhausted. & nbsp; .
  5. Second half, 88th minute. Bruno’s goal. Hayashi could take advantage of the space at the back in Bruges and single-handedly put Bruno in front of Mignolet. He kicks the ball well. Bruges Club beating in fact: 1-4. & nbsp; .
  6. Second half, 86th minute. Time is running out. Club Brugge continues to set up attacks with strength and determination, but fails to create truly outstanding chances, let alone score. Is it over with Blauw-Zwart? & nbsp; .
  7. Larin scores, but it slips off. There is no VAR restart, so the referees immediately report if they think someone is offside. Larraine hears the whistle, but shoots anyway and ends well. in vain. nbsp; . Second half, 83rd minute.
  8. Second half, 80th minute. Anything is possible in football, we saw it in the World Cup. . Johan de Calloy.
  9. Second half, 80th minute. Laren came on for Nielsen, so it’s an extra attacking force. & nbsp; .
  10. Second half, 74th minute. A chance for Meijer. Skov Olsen makes a great play down the right and makes a good cross, but Meyer can’t take advantage. He just doesn’t hit the ball enough and heads high. Time is running out. .
  11. Second half, 73rd minute. Club Brugge is still trying to attack with all its might, but STVV does exactly the opposite. It would take a miracle to score two more goals against De Kanaries, who defend like lions. & nbsp; .
  12. Second half, 70th minute.
  13. Second half, 70th minute. This could be the death knell for Club Bruges. . Johan de Calloy.
  14. Second half, 69th minute. STVV makes it 1-3. Goal by Hayashi after a beautiful cross from the right. Thus, the STVV makes optimal use of the space allocated to it. 1-3: What else can Club Brugge put on the mat? .
  15. Second half, 69th minute.
  16. Second half, 66th minute. Nielsen’s free kick ends up in the hands of Schmidt, who immediately sets up a counter-kick, but the STVV attackers cannot take advantage of it. This will probably be the picture of the game in the last 25 minutes: Club Brugge pressing, STVV pressing. .
  17. Second half, 63rd minute.
  18. Second half, 63rd minute. Club Brugge will have to work hard to reach the quarter-finals. . Johan de Calloy.
  19. Second half, 62nd minute. In front of STVV! Vanaken slides in, allowing STVV to quickly counter. The Canaries take full advantage and can score with a deflected ball. Bruno hits hard on Michel’s back and the ball flies out of Mignolet’s reach. & nbsp; .
  20. Second half, 62nd minute.
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