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Watch: Marian Voss rules and splits at Jingle Cross |  cyclocross world cup (women) 2021

Watch: Marian Voss rules and splits at Jingle Cross | cyclocross world cup (women) 2021

Marian Voss (Jumpus-Visma) booked her second win of the new World Cup season. The experienced Dutch distributed sheets on Mount Cropet at Jingle Cross. Denis Bitsima came in second, and Hungarian multi-talented Cata Blanca Vas came in third in the United States. “Now I’m taking a few weeks off,” Voss said then.

The steep mountain Crobet on the road was spitting in Marianne Voss’ mouth. The Dutch cannibals led from start to finish and delivered a jab on every pass.

Not that Vos didn’t have to work for it. In the first round she faced competition from Olympic mountain bike champion Jolanda Nef. Soon she fell away due to a physical malfunction.

Then young Puck Pieterse tried to track down Vos. Without avail.

In the end, it was Denis Betsima and Hungarian multi-talented Cata Blanca Vas who kept Voss talking the longest.

The 20-year-old Fez had to pull out with a flip-flop twice from the end. I took third place.

And Betsima went to sea on Krumpet’s last ascent. Foss also won the third part of the American cross tour after Waterloo.

Vos gives away the World Cup leader’s jersey, but she won’t show it at Zonhoven next weekend. After a grueling road season, embrace some rest.

Sunny was the best native in Iowa. The Belgian champion came in 14th place, two minutes from Voss.

Video: Voss throws Bitzma into the sea in the final round

Marian Voss: “Rest now”

“I soon found myself in the lead and alone at the cross,” Marianne Voss tells the story of her race.

“I didn’t let the rest come back consciously, but it was Denis Betsima and Cata Blanca Fez who were all hard-cycling. I knew we had to race for a long time, so I backed off.”

“Up until the last lap. I was able to make the difference.”

Vos will now pull the plug and take a short vacation break. It also had a very long road season before, with Paris-Roubaix closed.

I promised “I’ll recharge the batteries and then come back for the second part of the season, but enjoy the rest first.”

I’ll recharge the batteries and then come back for the second part of the season.

Marian Voss

Video: Interviews with the top 3

  1. 23 hours 40. Sanne Cant finished 14th, two minutes behind Voss. .
  2. 23 hours and 38 game over
  3. 11 p.m. 38. Longest cross of the season. Marianne Voss has been on her bike for 53 minutes. This puts the season’s longest cross on the tables. .
  4. 23 hours 36. As if there was a world title attached to it. What a surrender from Voss. Michelle Waits.
  5. 11 pm 36. The fox is flying! A week after Waterloo, she’s also on track to win in Iowa. .
  6. 11 p.m. 34. Fox attack. With a crumpet on the horizon, Fox strikes. On the climb, the chasm deepened to about 5 seconds on Betsima. .
  7. 11 pm 33. 1 more round! Who wins? Bitsima or Voss? .
  8. 23 hours 26. The cyclists ascend the Crompet River for the penultimate time. Vos does this faster than Betsema, but keeps the last cartridge for the last round. .
  9. 23 hours 26. Vas makes slippers and has to let Betsema and Vos drive the car.

    Vas makes slippers and he has to let Betsema and Vos drive

  10. 23 hours 25. Slippers from Fez. Excuse me, Fez with the uphill slipper. So he must leave the Hungarian Fox and Betsima. .
  11. 23 hours 23. Pieterse and Brand hook up.

    Connecting Pieterse and Brand

  12. 11 p.m. 22. Brand and sausage are vying for fourth place. The duo is half a minute behind the three leaders. .
  13. 23 hours 21. Vos increases the pressure and tries to throw Vas and Betsema into the sea. It is not working at the moment. .
  14. 11 p.m. 6 p.m. 3 more rides in Iowa. .
  15. 23 hours 18. Fez, Voss and Bitsima. Voila, Betsima is once again part of the leading group. .
  16. 11 p.m. 17. Betsema refuses to throw in the towel and keeps the Vas-Vos duo in her sights. .
  17. 11:15 p.m. Fez is the best, but doesn’t it take a lot of initiative? Michelle Waits.
  18. 11:15 pm Fez and Vos take off in the fifth round.

    Vas and Vos take place in the fifth round

  19. 11 pm 13. Fez and Fos. Cata Blanca Fez breeds with great courage. The Promise storms Mount Cropet first. Climb where the mountain biker feels at home. & nbsp; Marianne Voss is the only one who can follow her. .
  20. 11 p.m. 12. Quartet in the foreground. Mid-race situation: Won, Voss, Wurst, and Betsima are in the lead. .
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