June 21, 2024

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Watch the Apex Legends: Ignite trailer here

Watch the Apex Legends: Ignite trailer here

Publisher Electronic Arts and developer Respawn Entertainment have shared the trailer for the new season of Apex Legends. The new season is titled Ignite and comes with a new playable legend called Conduit.

In the trailer, Conduit answers the question: “What makes her a true legend?”. After years of watching matches from the sidelines, the time has finally come for Conduit to join the Apex Games.

The channel was inspired by the Monarch Titan, who saved her life. Conduit is deeply devoted to her sister, and in order to provide for her family, Conduit makes the ultimate sacrifice. Conduit used the irradiated remains of Monarch’s battery to sacrifice her future health. This allows her to provide for her family and revive her legend.

We’ll have to be patient a little longer for Conduit’s in-game skills. This Thursday, October 26, 2023, Respawn Entertainment will release the Apex Legends: Ignite trailer where we will undoubtedly see all of Conduit’s in-game abilities.

Apex Legends: Ignite doesn’t have a release date yet, but since the game’s trailer will be released on October 26, the start of the season will likely come soon. As always, the season comes with a host of new cosmetic items that you can unlock through the new Battle Pass with both free and premium rewards.

Apex Legends Ignite will be playable as a free update on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series

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