May 28, 2024

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Amazon supports passkey login on browsers and iOS devices

Amazon supports passkey login on browsers and iOS devices

Amazon now supports passkeys in its app (and browser version). Users will be able to log in using their smartphone biometric data or a PIN.

Amazon started rolling out this feature a few days ago, but the retail giant has only just received the update Announce. Initially, the sign-in method will be available to everyone via the browser, and will gradually arrive in the Amazon app for iOS. Login using passkeys will also be possible in the Android app, but not immediately.

Passkeys for added security

By incorporating passkeys as a login method, Amazon wants to better protect itself against data theft via phishing or other forms of data leakage. After all, with passkeys there is no password to extract. Instead, the technology uses so-called “crypto pairs.” One of these keys is the public key that is stored on Amazon’s server. The other remains private and securely stored on the user’s device. These pairs are unique to each device and must match the version on the server in order for you to log in.

In addition, there is also ease of use, because unlike two-step verification, you do not have to perform additional actions or follow additional steps that take you out of the application environment. However, Amazon will not disable two-factor authentication (2FA) by default for those using passkeys. So users will have to do it themselves if they want a smoother experience. To enable passkey sign-in, users must go to the Sign-in & security section in the account settings for the app or website in their mobile browser.

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