May 27, 2024

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Watch the sun's fire through solar flares in this stunning NASA video

Watch the sun’s fire through solar flares in this stunning NASA video

A new NASA video of a spacecraft facing the sun captured beautiful images of solar flares emanating from the star this week before Halloween.

The video, captured by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Orbiter, shows: Stunning close-ups of solar flares It explodes from the sun between Monday and Thursday (October 25-28), and ends with X1 class big solar storm He can zoom in on the northern lights of the Earth during the Halloween holiday.

“Bright than a sparkling ghost, faster than the tail of a black cat, the sun” casts a spell in our direction just in time for Halloween,” NASA officials wrote in a statement Video description.

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NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured this stunning image, video still, of a powerful X1 glow exploding from the sun on October 28, 2021. Credits: NASA/GSFC/SDO

Do you see the aurora borealis?

If you take a picture of the northern lights for Halloween from the solar flare, send photos and comments to [email protected].