October 2, 2022

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Watch: These Olympic and Paralympic videos are the most-clicked in 2021 |  End of year

Watch: These Olympic and Paralympic videos are the most-clicked in 2021 | End of year

A year later than planned, the best athletes in the world were able to appear on the Olympic and Paralympic stage in Tokyo. I thoroughly enjoyed the Sporza channels. These are the videos you’ve watched the most.

10. Emotional 100 Meters by Peter Jenin

Peter Jenin does not extend his title in the 100 meters without a fight. After his golden achievement he was told that his bike had been vandalized.

9. Hockey penalty kicks

The Red Lions also had to work hard to get their gold medal. In the final against Australia, a penalty shootout has to decide the Olympic title. Goalie Vincent Vanasch plays up front.

8. Mickey Jorisson’s Tears

Mieke Gorissen moves you through the games. The physics teacher can’t believe she has successfully completed an Olympic marathon.

7. Tears of Nafie Tiam

Nafeh Thiam also does not keep it dry after its outstanding performance. When the Olympic champion leaves the track, a difficult preparation scenario rages on.

6. Simone Biles’ Last

Mental health takes precedence over sports. With this, American gymnastics phenomenon Simone Biles is breaking a taboo in Tokyo. The star almost canceled her entire show in Tokyo.

5. Van Vleuten thinks he will win

For Dutch women cycling, things go wrong in Olympic road racing. Everyone’s favourite, Animek van Velten, is cheering for the gold medal at the Fuji MotoGP circuit, but modest Austrian Anna Kissenhofer is already starting to run with her.

4. A marathon runner wipes all the cups

The pinnacle of bad luck or unsportsmanlike? A strange moment stirs controversy during the marathon. French sprinter Amdoni clears an entire row of bottles and then snatches the last. “They were very slippery,” he said afterwards.

3. The Fall of Van der Pol

Matteo van der Poel traveled to the Far East in search of gold in mountain biking. But the Olympic round ends early when he chokes on a jump and flips over. It was perhaps the biggest disappointment of his career.

2. Bronze Bashir

On the last day of the Olympics, Bachir Abdi got 7 medals for the Belgium team. The jubilant athlete runs to the bronze medal. Thanks to fellow coach Abdi Nagy, the Dutchman missed the finish line. The Olympic Games at their best.

1. Golden Nina

The most clicked video is Nina Druel’s video. At the bridge with uneven bars, the gymnast gives a world class performance in a world sport. You get goosebumps, we get goosebumps.

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