March 5, 2024

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“We Are The Champions”: Sony Presents The Perfect Freddie Mercury And Wins The “Starstruck” Final With The Right Song |  television

“We Are The Champions”: Sony Presents The Perfect Freddie Mercury And Wins The “Starstruck” Final With The Right Song | television

televisionTo put it more or less in the words of Freddie Mercury: The others dust off… In the “Starstruck” final, 36-year-old Sonny Vande Boat from Lievegem bested the eleven other competitors with a near-perfect imitation of the legendary Queen frontman. With a standing ovation and an impressive score of 85 points, there was no doubt: Sonny had won the gold medal.

Sonny turned out to be one step ahead of everyone after a thrilling final. After the jury's verdict, he came in third place, but with the points obtained by the audience, Sony was able to reach this coveted first place. He eventually left his rivals behind by as much as 20 points. Teacher Lynn Servelts (23 years old), from Dendermond, who played Billie Eilish, and Steven Van Beburg (27 years old, Duren), Flemish Bruno Mars, shared second place with 65 points.

look. Sony celebrates victory in Starstruck with tears of joy

Sonny did not face an easy task. After all, Mercury is legendary for his stage presence and his range was at least four octaves. “Imitating such great icons? Of course, this is looked at through a magnifying glass, even outside of this program,” Sony also knows. “So it wasn’t without risks.”

The fact that he took to the stage in the final with the song “We Are The Champions” did not make it any easier for him. “I was sitting at the piano with a lot of nervousness waiting for them to let me start. “The song choice was dangerous, but fortunately now it seems very appropriate,” Sonny laughs.

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look. Sony secures his victory with the song “We Are the Champions”

It soon became clear that there was no need for this pressure. The jury gave Sony's version of “We Are the Champions” a standing ovation and had nothing but praise for the singer. “I paid attention to everything: the sound and the movements. At first glance it seems easier because Freddy has a lot of typical things, but this actually makes it more difficult,” Nora Gharib admitted. Natalie Meskins was also very impressed: “You have all those movements, your hands, your fingers, your mouth, and the humor that Freddy has as well… you use and implement all those little elements that make Freddy Freddy. He looks great.” And that's why we make Starstruck.

Despite the self-confidence he displayed, Sonny had nothing but anticipation for his win coming. “My goal was actually achieved when I sang another Freddie song at home in the first episode. Everything else was a bonus.” He even told his friends in the wards that they shouldn't expect much from him. When Sonny emerged as the winner, there was a rush of adrenaline. “Honestly? The first two minutes after the announcement were a black hole for me. I can't even remember what I said into Laura's microphone. When I look back, I regret not having prepared a speech,” he laughs.

Sonny with his new “Starstruck” trophy. © VTM

With his participation, Sonny mainly wanted to put his band “Mother Mercury” more in the spotlight. It seems that this mission has already been accomplished. “From February, we will go on tour to various cultural centers and theater halls in Flanders, such as the Capitol in Ghent and the Stadsschouwburg in Antwerp. Our schedule for 2024 is starting to fill up nicely.”

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Moreover, the group received a special invitation a few days ago. “We could perform Freddie Mercury's official birthday concert at his statue in Montreux, Switzerland,” Sonny says excitedly. The Front Queen will be celebrated there again in all her glory this year from September 5 to 8. “The fact that we can stand there on the podium is incredible recognition.”

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