April 21, 2024

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"We have to look at culture as medicine, and we can't do that by keeping the night closed"

“We have to look at culture as medicine, and we can’t do that by keeping the night closed”

EM2’s Chris Jarrett is unhappy after the outgoing Cabinet press conference Tuesday night. It turns out that night catering should remain closed for now, and that Corona tickets should be used in the food industry.

“Let me start on the positive,” Garrett says. “It’s great that we can do more again. People will be able to stand with me again in the hall from September 25. They can stand again at concerts. And it’s great that live entertainment is possible again, where DJs and bands can Showing what they’re good at again. I’m very happy about that. But that we have to stay closed between midnight and 6 am, I find that very unfortunate.”

Garrett points out that politics is not based on anything. Is there anything that suddenly makes the virus more dangerous after midnight? There is not a single scientific report that indicates that nothing is possible at night. I am a little worried about that. The significance of the night is not taken into account, and I find that incomprehensible. There are also many indications that the government does not seem to know exactly what is going on. The Cabinet last week talked about discos. I thought, discos? This was a common thing in the 80s. They don’t understand very well.”

As far as Garrit is concerned, something should be possible again very soon. We have made great sacrifices over the past six months. Now sacrifices must be made again. Because what I don’t hear anyone say at the press conference is what we’re going to do with the young and the old. Culture, if you ask me, is the pillar of society. Connects society, gives relaxation. We need relaxation, but also that connection. Just look around, there is a polarization going on in the country. split. And that’s not the job we want, we want the connection. We want to be the cure.”

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EM2 will also have to handle another procedure. Visitors must check to get a Corona ticket. “We got that already. In the coming period I have many concerts planned. People have bought tickets for it. So soon I will have to ban people who don’t have such proof. Look, we will deal with that very easily. These people just take back Their money. But it’s a role I don’t want to play. Last summer we also had to play a police officer, and that had a huge impact on my company. It’s not nice.”

Bringing the community together
“I understood from the three sisters that they weren’t going to enforce the rule. I find that pretty cool. And I’m curious how other companies will react to it in the coming days. Look, it’s said to be a temporary measure. There’s a weight moment in November. But I already know how it goes. Autumn is coming. And the number of infections is rising. I’m not a virologist, and I don’t want to make any virological statements, but we’re talking about a balance. And this action again creates division. While we have to bring the community together, I don’t hear anything about it.”