June 20, 2024

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“We owe the Internet to hackers”

“We owe the Internet to hackers”

XS4ALL was the first ISP in the Netherlands. Not a big company, but a group of hackers. Martin Reinders wrote a book about it, we talk to him about the unique history of the Internet in the Netherlands.

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Martin Reynders has been our colleague at Bright for many years, and today he is our guest because of his new book: The Hackers Who Changed the Netherlands – The Exciting History of XS4AL. The history of the first Internet provider is like a children’s book. Martin and I discuss the creation of this book, and why it’s interesting and important to learn about the history of the Dutch Internet.

Plus in this episode: Good news for Google Speakers, the new PS5 and fiber optics are suddenly much faster.

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Tips from this episode:

series: 1985, a Belgian series inspired by a series of real-life violent robberies carried out by the Neville gang. The series focuses on the point of view of the victims of the attacks whose perpetrators have not yet been found. He can be seen on NPO Start and NLZiet.

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series: Lupine Season 3 on Netflix. The charming French thief is back. Assane Diop plays Omar Sy (Intouchables). Diop is constantly inspired by books about the thief Lupine. This season will be more exciting and deadly than before, but the series still manages to maintain a light and smart tone, well done.

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