July 16, 2024

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Over 200 Android TV Streaming Boxes Infected with Malware – Hoax?!

Over 200 Android TV Streaming Boxes Infected with Malware – Hoax?!

Do you have an Android TV box? Then pay attention. Research conducted by the American cybersecurity company HUMAN Security shows that more than two hundred different Android TV devices are infected with malware.

This isn’t the first time Android TV boxes have been infected with malware. In January, the security researcher discovered Daniel Milicic The Android TV T95 model was infected with malware right out of the box. On October 4, HUMAN Security will reveal new details about the infected funds and associated fraudulent schemes. “They’re like a Swiss army knife for doing bad things on the Internet,” Gavin Reid, chief information security officer at HUMAN Security, said in an interview. Wired.

What is an Android TV box?

Android TV box is a small HD media player that runs on Android software. You can connect the box to your TV via an HDMI cable. You can then stream movies, series, sports matches, and even play games. So, it is actually a simple and cheap solution to have an Android smart TV at home. You can get some streaming boxes for just €25.

Triada malware

The streaming boxes contain Triada malware: one of the most dangerous Android malware that has been around since 2016. Triada is used, among other things, for ad fraud and data theft on popular apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and Gmail.

It is also compared to a Trojan horse, because it acts as a kind of open back door. Criminals can gain full access and control of the device through this backdoor. As a user you will not notice this.

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Android and iOS applications

The HUMAN Security report shows that at least 39 apps on Android and iOS contain malware. Google confirmed to WIRED magazine that it removed the 20 affected apps as a result of the investigation, while Apple indicated that it found problems in some of the apps that were reported to it.

Researchers don’t know exactly where and when criminals add malware.

What models are involved?

Researchers confirm this relates to the J5-W tablet and the following seven streaming boxes:

  • T95
  • T95Z
  • T95MAX
  • X88
  • Q9
  • X12PLUS
  • MXQ Pro 5G

What if you have a potentially infected Android TV Box at home?

Although the investigation has slowed down the attackers, the boxes are still in people’s homes or workplaces. Do you have an Android TV box of the above models? It is then advisable to disconnect the box from the Internet immediately. Please contact the supplier for a possible solution.

Want to buy a new Android TV? Reed advises going for branded equipment where the manufacturer is clear and familiar.

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