June 24, 2024

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We share the most popular frustrations of office life on social media |  Nina

We share the most popular frustrations of office life on social media | Nina

Our job takes up a huge part of our lives. No wonder we have to vent our frustrations now and then. We used to do it at the bar after our second beer, and now we prefer – and en masse – on social media. And yes: these hilarious movies about demanding bosses and annoying co-workers (aka “Linda’s Office”) are pretty recognizable.

Videos of daily work struggles. Videos about how our working day has changed since the pandemic. Videos about the outcome of capitalism and that eternity nine to five† Posted by General Z’ers and Millennials without embarrassment under the hashtag #WorkTok on the TikTok video platform. This hashtag has been viewed more than 580 million times. And the thousands of work-related frustrations you find are very well known to many.

Exaggerate or remain silent?

In a popular video, we see a happy woman on her way to work, with the caption: “I tell my boss that inflation means I can no longer do three jobs with one salary.” And under another video, she frankly asks herself: “Do I feel like eating today? transcend At work or am I not going to say a word all day? ”

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The videos of US account manager Chase Coleman, @thecorporatechase on TikTok, are especially popular. It has already collected nearly three million likes. “Companies encourage us to take paid time off. That’s what we do,” he says in one of his videos. “But every time we come back there is more work, more stress and more emails. Can someone explain to me why that is?”

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also model Linda’s office She can’t do much good according to Chase: She complains for days on end about all the extra work she’s been doing, makes meetings go on too long by asking extra last-minute questions, and constantly tries to explain to you how to do the work to do.

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One of Chase’s videos even garnered more than half a million likes. “I am so happy that Millennials and Generation Z are slowly taking over the corporate world. Office jargon has been used. No more baby boomers looking at you when you are on paid vacation. Are you mentally unwell and want a day off? No problem. Soon the boomers will be gone and we will set the standard,” he continues.

Move your mouse to stay online?

Many people started expressing their frustrations with working online during the lockdown, when video app TikTok became hugely popular and we started working from home en masse. “I was bored,” Chase said. New professional habits we developed at home, like secretly getting some fresh air, taking an afternoon nap or doing laundry during the workday, inspired the account manager. Many have introduced themselves in videos with titles such as “Hover your mouse to stay online on Slack or Teams”.

Attorney Henry, thatcorporatelawyer on TikTok, also shares videos of the same nature. About how he cheerfully “visited” the office once a week. Or how he shamelessly does chores while being paid for the work.

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Yes, you can wait 10 minutes

One of the videos is a little lighter than the other. “My nine to five is killing me. Is it normal to skip lunch and dinner for a PowerPoint presentation? Is it justified to have a panic attack to get paid? Is that good on other planets?” one complains frankly.

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If your job tires you mentally, that is of course not true. Attorney Henry sums it up nicely in his videos. He says we shouldn’t worry about things like answering after ten minutes (everything can wait) and making mistakes (because everyone makes them). In the end, it’s just a job, he says. Above all: our mental and physical health should always come first. If there is one message out louder in #worktok, this is it.


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