May 31, 2024

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Week 14 of 2024 These toys were the best sellers in Belgium last week

Week 14 of 2024 These toys were the best sellers in Belgium last week

Every week the Belgian Video Games Federation (VGFB) brings us a list of the top 5 best-selling games in Belgium.

In week 14 of 2024, EA Sports FC 24 is back in first place, and this game continues to sell great in Belgium, but also in the rest of Europe. According to EA, EA Sports FC 24 has 20% of the player population being completely new, meaning they do not have a save game from FIFA 23. EA Sports FC 24 marks the beginning of a new chapter for Electronic Arts after cutting ties with FIFA. EA Sports FC features over 30 leagues, over 700 teams, and over 19,000 licensed footballers. Realism and physics just got better this year with Hypermotion V, which uses data from over 180 footballers. In the summer of 2024, EA Sports will receive FC 24, a free update for EURO 2024.

In second place is the shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Developer Sledgehammer Games recently kicked off Season 3. Players can expect new maps, modes, weapons, operators, events, and a new Battle Pass from both free and premium rewards.

In third place is GTA V, a game that has been selling fantastically for 10 years. In fact, GTA V still outsells many new games from major studios. GTA V is now very close to achieving 200 million copies sold. No premium game comes close to GTA V's numbers. GTA 6 may also not be able to match GTA V's impressive numbers.

Then at number 4 is the release of Just Dance 2024. A game that is rarely talked about and little marketed. However, Ubisoft's Just Dance games continue to sell very well every year.

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Finally in fifth place is the co-op game It Takes Two, which won the Best Game of 2021 award. It Takes Two continues to sell well, because no co-op game is as good. Enjoy a cinematic adventure with your partner, friend or family member.

You can purchase EA Sports FC 24 here. (Note, there is no way to upgrade the PS4 or Xbox One version to the next-gen version.)

You can purchase the next-gen enhanced version of GTA V here.

You can purchase Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 here.

You can buy It Takes Two here for just €19.99.

You can buy Just Dance 2024 here at a discount.