May 31, 2024

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Eloise: Beatrix loves simple foods like broccoli, rice, and chicken

Eloise: Beatrix loves simple foods like broccoli, rice, and chicken

Princess Beatrix loves “simple but well-made food.” This is what her granddaughter Eloise van Oranje said in the online program Samen Cheffen presented by food influencer Dan van der Leek.

The 21-year-old Countess talks in the program about her family's eating habits. She says that Christmas is celebrated at Grandma Beatrix's house in Drakenstein. “We are celebrating Christmas at my grandmother's house. The food is really very delicious. My grandmother loves simple, but well-made food. As an example of 86-year-old Beatrix's favorite dish, she mentions 'broccoli with rice and chicken'. However, this is not on the menu during Holidays. “It's a little more wonderful at Christmas.”

On the show, Eloise and Van der Lecq prepare French toast, a dish that reminds Eloise of the past. “Actually, we have brunch every Sunday, the five of us: my brother, my sister and my parents. In the past, because my parents were always busy with work and we all had our busy lives, we would get together on Sundays to discuss things, no phones, nothing. There was always one thing on the menu: French toast. “My mom says she can't cook, except for this French toast that she makes really well.”

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