September 27, 2023

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Welcome to Barbieland: hype hits Kinepolis Kortrijk during its premiere

Welcome to Barbieland: hype hits Kinepolis Kortrijk during its premiere

Under ‘Kinepolis XXL! Could it be a little more? The space near Room 10 at Kinepolis Kortrijk was completely transformed into a Barbie theme at the premiere of Barbie – She’s Everything. It’s just Ken.

360 tickets were sold, equaling the venue’s full capacity. Barbie fans, dressed in style, received a pink condom upon entry and, if desired, could take a photo in a life-size Barbie box. “Kinepolis XXL!” It used to be the monthly Ladies in the Movies, but for the sake of variety, the concept has been changed. Depending on the film, we now organize themed evenings. For example, “Ticket To Paradise” had a Hawaiian theme, with “The Little Mermaid” Kinepolis was turned into an underwater world. It’s nice to see how people really dress. For 20.95 euros, in addition to the movie, there are also many fun experiences and a gift bag. On Tuesday evening, for example, it contains a bracelet of my jewelry, drinks, snacks, discount coupons and metal straws,” says general manager Arnaud Decmin.

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Visitors received a glass of cava, zero cola, or water and a pint of “golden caramel billionaire’s caramel billionaire” magnum ice. On the tables were chips, pink M&Ms, marshmallows and candy. During the reception, those present can visit the Upper at home, Glowin´k and Herbalife stands.

There was also a photo booth with a green screen. Before the movie starts, attendees do a quiz with Kahoot! in the room. The winner goes home with a Bongo voucher and a coupon for health. The second prize is a Barbie doll and the person who finishes third receives a gift from their partner that is “Uber in the House,” explains Nina Ferrogstright Box office manager.

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Perfect after work

Laura Bauwens (25) and Delphine Vandeputte (33) took the opportunity to organize follow-up work with colleagues. “Lots of women work at the Volcke Aerosol Company so it was a perfect trip for our final work week. Most of us wear pink all day. The Kinepolis XXL feature gives the movie an extra dimension,” says Laura.

“Especially the nostalgia appeals to me. I used to get everything from Barbie. The movie is a lot of hype, so I have high expectations, but at the same time I just want to let the movie come to me and be amazed at the story because they haven’t released much yet. I’m already a huge fan.” With Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling and director Greta Gerwig,” adds Delphine.