May 30, 2023

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West Flemish brewers take over America

West Flemish brewers have joined a mission of the professional association Belgian Brewers, known as one The world’s oldest professional associations and almost all breweries in the country. The mission of the association is to inform, support and advise Breweries established in Belgium in files relating to the sector Belgian beer.
The joint work began
Inside Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando (Florida), where Kick-off was given to Belgian Beer Week America. 32 Belgian breweries, including the big AB InBev, have signed up to the joint venture. The work continued past Orlando East Coast of America. The Second Stop Washington DC (see photo) Where among others A BI amInheritedEmanT inside The Residence Belgian messenger On the agenda Stopped, as well a’Belgian Beer Street Festival.

In addition to coordinate Many breweries Further On an individual basis Meetings with interested parties American customers Dothroughout the week. Albert de Brabantre, CEO of the brewery of the same name from Bavico, took a two-week trip that brought him to Seattle.

First Journey to Intangible Cultural Heritage

This is the first of its kind An extensive delegation of Belgian brewers together drawn abroad. West Flemish breweries were well represented within the delegation.

The At the beer market America was used Because the first must return That himself Since few years Laat Features by one popular Craftdisplay. Belgian Beer, and Fortiori West Flemish Beer, is standing Symbol For passion, quality and craftsmanship. DEnormous diversity And Creativity Our beers are on offer Unique en Leading In this world. Today counts Belgium But still sweet 430 Breweries And methere than
Different beer brands. That diversity in style, taste, smell and color increases year by year far away And Beer pairing It is a constant factor. Brings the beer People together. Belgian beer culture is historically anchored in our country community and it was recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO and officially confirmed in 2016.

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