December 1, 2022

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What do I stand for?  Esmee van Meer from PvdA Leiden

What do I stand for? Esmee van Meer from PvdA Leiden

Esmee van Meer took his picture of De Bakkerij on Oude Rijn. A place where there are many social organizations. So she wants to devote herself to the weak in the city. (Photo: Hans van Eggdom).

Key City, together with Leiden photographer Hans van Egdom, publishes a weekly photo of a new board member from Leiden and the surrounding area under the headline “What do I stand for”. It is a sequel to the first part of this series in which we are introduced to candidates who are almost certain to win a seat in the municipal elections.

This week, Esmee van Meer. The 26-year-old policy officer at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment has been an advisor to PvdA Leiden since the election.

Hidde van Slooten spoke at Politics071 with Esmee van Meer of PvdA Leiden.

Esmee wanted to be photographed for De Bakkerij. “This is where you can find many civil society organizations that support people in difficult situations. For example, by helping them get a better overview or by offering them a helping hand,” she says.

“In politics, I want to work for vulnerable people. Leiden residents who can’t keep up, for example because of their health, unequal treatment or financial circumstances. For example, if you have debts or have trouble paying your bills, you often face a lot From stress, you may have more problems than just money and sometimes you just can’t see the wood for the trees.”

Van Meer believes it is important to give these organizations the space to do their job properly. “But it is also important that the government itself be more dependent on trust, provide a good safety net and help you find a place where you feel comfortable and can come on your own. I will work hard for that in the years to come.”

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