December 2, 2023

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What does the future hold for Sean Dondt after leaving Qmusic?  “I just finished TV tapings” |  Ltd

What does the future hold for Sean Dondt after leaving Qmusic? “I just finished TV tapings” | Ltd

LtdSean Dondt (39) is ready for new adventures after being fired from Qmusic radio station. His life takes a new shape, both professionally and personally. “I just finished TV tapings,” he said in a conversation with HLN Showbits. “And the new construction is finally starting to look like a real home.”

Sean just completed two weeks of TV tapings. “But I’m not really allowed to say anything about that yet,” it seems. “It comes down to contracts and fines,” he explains. “But I can say that my new single is coming, I just finished the artwork shootToday Sean can also be seen with his band Nailpin during the TMF reunion. So he still has a lot to go.

He is not only doing well in his professional life but in his private life as well. “Maithi and I are busy working on the new building in Perlar,” he says of his relationship with influencer Maithi Rivera. “I drove by it yesterday, and the windows and doors are in now, so it’s finally starting to look like a house, instead of just a bunch of bricks with some holes in them.”

There is also a lot on Maithe’s agenda. “She will soon be running the New York Marathon, and I will be proudly supporting her. “During the Paris Marathon I took a folding bike with me to try and provide support in as many different locations as possible, but I’m exhausted,” he laughs. “It’s as if I had run a marathon myself. This time I’ll try to arrange an electric bike!” Will he wait for her at the end, on one knee, for example? “Shut up, you’ve tried to whisper that idea to me ten times,” he says. “We already have a dog and a house, and I love her, but it’s all in time. “It will all come.”

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Shawn Dondt and Maithi. © Instagram Maith Rivera @maithivera