May 27, 2024

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What if watching Flanders TV makes you the “most annoying participant”?

What if watching Flanders TV makes you the “most annoying participant”?

“arrogant”, “idiot”, “jerk”. After one episode of the mole Lancelot has already suffered greatly on social media. What if watching Flanders TV makes you the “most annoying participant”? These three can talk about it.

Stijn de Wandelier

Caroline Carpentier (43) from Blind Bought: I didn’t dare go out

Caroline Carpentier and Philippe Struve are engaged in 2022 Blind bought, to buy their dream home: a cozy home for their children, and a little closer to the indoor playground that the couple run together. With a budget of 1 million euros, they were immediately the outsiders of the program. “The response to our participation has been very harsh,” says Carpentier. “Viewers thought we were decadent and conceited. But what affected me most was the comment that I was a bad mother. While anyone who knows me knows there is nothing in my life more important than my children.”

Caroline Carpenter.Wouter Maeckelberghe sculpture

Online hate has even focused on the Carpentier and Strueff case. “Without even setting foot in our indoor playground, people started leaving negative reviews on Google.” Until the couple had to take legal action for it. “Creators of Blind bought We were forewarned that every year one or more candidates are dragged through the online mud. But when the time comes, you still miss it. At first I didn’t even dare to go out. I really had to flip that switch.

“We understand that TV makers fundamentally want to make good TV, but I still think the TV makers created a distorted picture of our expectations. Everything had to show how much we actually expected from our new home. Although I have to say that after This feedback we received a lot of support from the makers of the software and from the psychologist Blind bought. They never leave us to our own devices.”

The storm has calmed down now. “Now visitors regularly come to the stadium to tell me that I am more sympathetic than I have ever encountered on TV. This reparation pleases me.”

Laura Likens.  Wouter Maeckelberghe sculpture

Laura Likens.Wouter Maeckelberghe sculpture

Laura Likens (30) from ‘Blind Married’: My family struggled too

It has now been three years since Lieckens took part in it Blind married, where she gave her yes to fellow nominee Sonny. It became a bumpy track, and viewers’ opinion was ready. “I’ve been judged harshly for my looks. I have a port wine stain, which makes my mouth a little crooked.”You have crooked cheeksPeople wrote. Or even, “You shouldn’t be allowed to live.” Very intense, yes.

All of these responses came when the first lockdown was just beginning. At that time I felt very lonely. Because how could people have such a strong opinion of me when they had never met me before? I was really sad about it for a week. Family members also suffered because of the very negative image that was suddenly created about me on the Internet. But then I let her go. I realized that you can’t do good to everyone.

“The creators of the show portrayed the relationship between Sonny and me as it is: it was just a difficult path. But I’m sorry the creators didn’t show me so many beautiful pictures. The Christmas party we had together, the Christmas party we organized. This created an image of me in which I was so emphasized Basic on the downsides. I regretted it. Although I didn’t regret participating.”

Lieckens is now writing a book about how hate speech on social media can leave deep scars, hoping to encourage others who have gone through a similar experience. “The period at that time definitely affected me, but mainly in a positive way. It made me more resilient and I can now handle criticism better. But if you are not strong, I really believe that too much hate can affect you forever.”

Cathy van der Ha, 44, from ‘De mol’: ‘Fortunately, I lived in Greece, and I can get away with the feedback’

Van der Ha engaged in 2016 the mole. Her competitiveness did not appeal to many television viewers, and she was criticized on Facebook and Twitter for her portrayal of a tough aunt. That comment has come a long way. “Drive down the mountain,” “I hope you die,” “Crawl into a hole and you can’t get out” or just “Bitch.” If you participate in the moleThen you do it to win, right? I never saw my entry as a free vacation, so of course I was competitive.

As all these reactions poured in, I would sometimes philosophize with my friends about why they had put me in such trouble in particular. The general conclusion was: Because I am a woman. Certainly women are still expected to be sympathetic and kind. If a man is competitive, he will certainly not be judged. With such cruelty, I was immediately banished as a bitch.

Cathy van der Ha.  Wouter Maeckelberghe sculpture

Cathy van der Ha.Wouter Maeckelberghe sculpture

“I have been living and working in Greece for years, which has fortunately allowed me to distance myself from the fuss in Belgium. When I finally emerged as a winner, and was allowed to explain why I made certain choices, a hashtag popped up on Twitter: #SorryCathy. That was satisfying, yeah. Suddenly viewers realized Why did you make some controversial decisions during the game.

“I don’t blame the show makers anyway. When they saw how harshly they treated me on Twitter, they even stopped me for the next episode, to let the whole smear fizzle out a bit. While they also could have just added fuel to the fire. I always said that if I could get in on it once other the moleI won’t hesitate for a moment. Even if all negative feedback appears again. Controversy like this explodes quickly.”

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