April 21, 2024

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Star chef Ralf Berendsen invited Yorick after starring in a story at Het Belang van Limburg (Lanaken)

Star chef Ralf Berendsen invited Yorick after starring in a story at Het Belang van Limburg (Lanaken)

Jorick Janssens and his wife Isolde.© Boumedienne Belbachir


The sequel to the latest culinary excursion by photojournalist Jörk Janssens. His story was influenced by star chef Ralph Berndsen inviting him to dinner.

Joe Masters

Ralph Berendsen from La Butte aux Bois.© mdl

Jurik Janssens (48) from Bilt was a photographer for the Bielga news agency when he was diagnosed with lymphoma in July 2020. In mid-January, doctors told him that he did not have long to live. Since then he has been trying to seize the day with his wife, Isolde. In the weekend edition of Het Belang van Limburg, they talk about their culinary journey along the class restaurants and how much they enjoy these moments together, with a good cup and good food.

In the same interview, Janssens said Ralph Berendsen’s two-star restaurant La Butte aux Bois in Lanaken is high on his wish list.


“I was very moved to read that,” says Chef Ralph Berendsen. “On the one hand, I feel honored, but on the other hand, it would be doubly so if you knew Yorick’s situation. This kept me calm for a while. We thought it was important that we do something for him, and that is why he and his wife are most welcome to come and have dinner at such short notice. Dinner is entirely provided by us.” Berendsen wants to let his kitchen do the talking that evening. “I’m not into much fanfare and circuses. I’m not going to force myself, I want them to enjoy the food we serve.”

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Jorick Jansen was pleasantly surprised by the invitation. I have only received positive feedback on the article. Several people, including Jasper Stoen (professional cyclist, editor’s note) have suggested helping me connect with Ralf Berendsen. It’s great to hear he’s now offering it himself. It’s been a tough week and I need to rest now, but I hope we can set up a date soon to enjoy another evening together.”