March 4, 2024

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What is happening in the Gulf of Oman, 6 oil tankers have lost control

AGI – Tensions are high in the Gulf of Oman, five days after an Israeli oil tanker was hit by an Iranian drone, killing two crew members. At least six oil tankers have been warned of “out of control” off the coast of Fujairah over the past few hours. One of them, the Panamanian Asphalt Princess, was abducted by at least eight gunmen who were pointing fingers at Iran and its allies, according to reports from British intelligence sources that they were holding the group hostage. The Lloyds List Maritime Intelligence confirmed to the BBC that the ship that left Gore Faqen (Emirates) and was sent to Sohar (Oman) was bound for Iran.

It is not known what happened to the other five boats. According to the Israeli media, the Golden Brilliant, flying the Singapore flag, was attacked by the Limpet mine. Katie McGee, a Washington Post reporter from Dubai, reports that the Golden Brilliant was not damaged, but that she had seen a drone fly low near it. Both ships are now in operation, flying the flag of the Vietnamese Valley and Queen Emata, Guyana..

Of the oil tankers that have reported problems over the past few hours, the Indian Jag Puja and Kamdenu, the Cook Islands are flying the flag, still “out of control” but, in the absence of further information, it is not the moment to dismiss the simple problem technicians they encountered. Uktmo, the British maritime security agency, warned of “possible kidnapping” only with the Asphalt Princess. None of the oil tanks involved were linked to Israeli or British interests. An Omani Armed Forces aircraft is monitoring the area at low altitude.

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The revolutionary guards are not accused of trying to create a pretext for “hostile acts” against Iran.. A spokesman for the Tehran Foreign Ministry said it was “suspicious” that several events were taking place in the short term and reiterated Iran’s readiness to cooperate. Israeli Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett has warned that the Jewish state is ready to “act alone” to face the occupation of its great enemy.