June 13, 2024

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What is the best e-reader?  What is the cost of this digital library?  Check out the current recommendations here  MyGuide

What is the best e-reader? What is the cost of this digital library? Check out the current recommendations here MyGuide

TwickersAn e-reader is a must-have for those who do not have enough space to stack several books. Such a device can also calculate in terms of sustainability (paper and energy consumption). Expert Eric van Pallejoy Technology website Tweakers Several e-readers have taken a comparison test and recommended three models, depending on budget and user type.

Written by Thomas Russell, in association with Twickers


“The e-reader has a completely different kind of screen than what we’re used to,” says Eric. “The device does not require built-in lighting. In normal daylight, the e-reader reflects the light of the environment. This reads very naturally, as it does on paper.

Most devices now have the option to turn on the backlight, so you can also read in the dark. With cheaper e-readers, this light is mostly blue. You know, this isn’t ideal right before bed.

More expensive devices automatically adapt to the lighting environment. In the evening the light becomes increasingly yellow and that’s even better. What else makes an e-reader so good? Screen resolution should be high enough for comfortable reading.

At the same time, this device is much more energy efficient than a tablet screen. “An e-reader only uses power when you turn the page. For example, an e-reader can easily last several days or even weeks per charge,” explains the Tweakers expert.

Black and white: Kobo Clara 2E

“This is a 6-inch water-resistant e-reader with a recycled plastic casing. The touchscreen has ‘Comfortlight pro’ lighting, which can be color adjusted and will automatically have less blue light in the evening. This helps you sleep better.

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the Claire 2e It has 16 GB of internal memory, and in addition to e-books, it can also play audio books via Bluetooth. Kobo supports EPUB, EPUB3, MOBI, PDF, HTML, and more. Books can be transferred via USB or WiFi.

Kobo sells e-books through its own store, but you can also send e-books purchased from Bol.com directly to the reader.”

Savings tip: Click here to compare prices of the Kobo Clara 2E on different web stores.

Kobo Clara 2E. © Tweakers.be

Color: pocketbook color

“Almost all e-readers can only display shades of gray, and that’s fine for regular book reading. If you’re a fan of books with many pictures, like comics, a color reader is great. The Pocket book color So it is a good choice.

This small 6-inch reader has a color screen. Don’t expect splashes of color like a phone or TV. With e-readers, the colors always remain somewhat washed out.

PocketBook Color can of course display regular books and can also play audiobooks. If you prefer a larger color screen for reading comics, the Color Inkpad Pocket Notebook Actually more convenient. This device has a 7.8-inch screen with a higher resolution, but it is also 100 euros more expensive than the regular PocketBook Color.

Are you looking for the best deal? Compare prices for the PocketBook Color at different distributors here.

Pocket book silver color.

Pocket book silver color. © Tweakers.be

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