March 30, 2023

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What now?  Jago Geerts suddenly trails by one point in World Cup, watch the title race at 3.10pm |  motocross

What now? Jago Geerts suddenly trails by one point in World Cup, watch the title race at 3.10pm | motocross

Jago Geerts lost the World Cup lead after the first race in his last MX2 GP of the season in Turkey. Our compatriot had to chase a full race and also fell off the road. Geerts will have to finish sooner than rival Tom Vialle in race 2 if he wants to become world champion. Watch the finale live at 3.10pm.

Tom Vialle took the lead in the virtual booth. The Frenchman is now one point ahead of Jago Geerts.

The second series will begin at 3.10pm. If Girts ends up ahead of Vialli, the Belgian is still the world champion. But with this important caveat: Geerts must be at least fourth. For example, if Geerts becomes 5th and Vialle becomes 6th, then Vialla is world champion.


  1. At 13.45 Jago Geerts has to give up his lead in the standings after a crash in the first race.

    Jago Geerts has to relinquish his leading position in the standings after a crash in Race 1

  2. 13 hours. Watch the highlights from the first race.

    Watch the highlights from the first race

  3. 12:55 was an excellent start and I found my rhythm in this field. It will be difficult later, because Jago will “push” hard. Tom Vial.
  4. 12:52 A direct duel in the second race. A second place finish in the first race in Turkey changed the World Cup cards. Vialle takes 25 points, three more than Geerts. With this, Vialle is now the leader of the World Cup with one point more than our compatriot. & nbsp; Geerts’ task will be simple: if he finishes in front of Vialle, he will be world champion. The start turned out to be decisive in Race 1, and that would be no different. Watch the finale at 15.10 in the live broadcast. .
  5. 12:50. Vialle dominates in Series 1. Jago Geerts did not give himself a perfect starting position for the crucial second race of the Grand Prix of Turkey. Our compatriot came second to the unreachable Tom Vial. The Frenchman actually takes the lead at the World Cup site. Geerts will soon have to finish the match against Vialle if he wants to become the world champion. .
  6. 12 hours 46. Three more rounds, then this first heat is over. We are already thinking about the future, because later in the second series it will be really about marble. .
  7. 12:45. “The start will be decisive,” Jago Gertz said before the Grand Prix in Turkey. Prophetic words, because after his excellent start no one came close to Tom Vial. .
  8. 12 noon 43. The positions in this first series seem to be in a specific fold. With three minutes to go, Vialle Girts leads. Geerts’ mission will be clear and obvious in the second series: if he finishes in front of Vialle, he will be world champion. .
  9. 12 noon 41. Geerts is recovering. With another clever passing maneuver, Geerts de Wolf rolls over. Our compatriot is back in place 2, now definitively? In the virtual World Cup position, Vialle is one point ahead of Geerts. .
  10. It’s 12 p.m. 38. Jago Geerts!
  11. 12:00 37. Fall Geerts! Drama for Girts, who slips into a bend. Our compatriot stands up quickly, but sees De Wolf passing by. They almost lose two points again at the World Cup site, which could be crucial. However, there is still plenty of time to correct the flaw in second place, and Vialle appears to be out of range. .
  12. 12h 35. Girts sets the fastest lap again, but his gap with Vial is still four seconds. Can he still catch up with the Frenchman in this first series? .
  13. 12 hours 32. With fifteen minutes left, Geerts is leading the fastest lap at the moment. Are you offering a payment to our citizens? In the current situation, Vialle takes the lead in the center of the World Cup. Either way, it’s going to be an exciting story. .
  14. 12:30 p.m. Flirts with “Fiali” in a crash! Small chills for Vial. The Frenchman slips when he exits a bend and descends in no time. Fortunately for Vialle, he keeps his bike straight. He lost half a second because of it. .
  15. 12 noon 28. “Search for the lines.” Geerts is not really catching up to his opponent at the moment. Meanwhile, his team directs our compatriot with a banner. ‘Search lines’ written on it, so did Geerts find it, too? .
  16. 12 Hours 26. Liam Everts (18), who started well, is now riding around 8th. “Son” is 10th in the World Cup standings in his first season in MX2. .
  17. 12 Hours 24. Geerts is gradually getting ready for speed. With a clever maneuver, De Wolf surprises from the outside on his way to second place. Meanwhile, Vialle runs out again. Looks like we’ll have a fist fight between the two World Cups. .
  18. The time is 12:00. Young De Wolf does a great job and slowly approaches Commander Vialle. The 17-year-old Dutchman is taking Geerts with him in his wake, a situation that is beneficial to our compatriot. .
  19. 12 noon 19. Geerts has to go after. Geerts engages in a fierce duel with Kay de Wolf for second place. Vialle is comfortably in the lead at the moment by three seconds. Our citizen must follow. .
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