December 3, 2023

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Al-Khanous and Vanaken keep an interesting match between Club Brugge and Genk in the balance  Jupiler Professional League 2023/2024

Al-Khanous and Vanaken keep an interesting match between Club Brugge and Genk in the balance Jupiler Professional League 2023/2024

  1. 10′ – Continue. Kiriani Sapp by Denis Odoi
  2. 40′ – Yellow – Patrick Hrushowski
  3. 44′ – Yellow – Denis Odoi
  4. 45+1′ – Goal – Bilal Al-Khanous (0 – 1)
  1. 51′ – Yellow – Casper Nielsen
  2. 57′ – Continue. Andi Zakiri by Toluwalas Emmanuel Arukudar
  3. 61′ – Continue. Brian Henin Written by Aziz Ouattara Mohamed
  4. 64′ – Continue. Hugo Vetelsen by Edir Balanta
  5. 64′ – Continue. Philipp Zinkernagel Written by Ferran Gutgla
  6. 67′ – Goal – Hans Vanaken (1 – 1)
  7. 78′ – Yellow – Andreas Skov Olsen
  8. 81′ – continued. Aliu Vadera Written by Christopher Bah
  9. 81′ – continued. Bilal Al-Khanous by Anwar Ait Al-Hajj
  10. 88′ – Continue. Jorn Spillers by Michel Skouras
  11. 90+3′ – Yellow – Eder Balanta

Jupiler Pro League – Round 5 – 09/28/23 – 20:46

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0 – 1

Bilal Al-Khanous



Hans Vanaken

1 – 1

Club Brugge and KRC Genk tied for the third time in a row. A fair division of points, as both teams dominated the first half.

Club Brugge – Racing Genk in brief:

  • Key moment: The club is looking for a winning goal in the final stage and comes very close to it in extra time. Thiago decided first from close range on Sadek and Hrosowski was able to prevent the Brazilian from hitting the target early in the second half.
  • Man of the match: There were some whistles from some of the club’s fans when he was substituted in the final minutes, but Bilal Al-Khanous deserved nothing but applause. The Genk midfielder once again showed his velvet touch and also managed to score.
  • distinct: Hans Vanakken has an entry to score against Racing Genk. In the last seven (!) competitive matches, the Brugge midfielder has scored once.

Al-Khanous completes a wonderful attack

Racing Genk got off to the best start at the Jan Breidel Stadium. Vadera gave Zakiri an excellent opportunity to make the score 0-1 a few minutes later, but the Swiss missed it. On the other hand, the same thing happened to Thiago at the request of Odoi, who had to come early in place of the injured Sabi.

Genk was the better team and was also the most threatening. Mignolet was forced to intervene when Zeqiri shot from an acute angle and ten minutes before the break, the club’s goalkeeper prevented Vadera from making it 0-1 with a clever leg pass.

Ultimately, it came in extra time, after an eye-catching attack. Munoz was raging like a whirlwind on the right, and Heinen maintained the general outlook as a skilled leader with a clever flick to the side of the dagger and rounded it off as cold as ice.

Vanaken brings Club along

After an interesting first half with some beautiful football at times, the battle was the focus of the second half. An hour later, Heinen was injured and it was a turning point for Racing Genk.

The club increasingly took control and less than ten minutes after Genk’s captain retired, the home team came running sideways. Vanakken correctly assessed De Cuyper’s cross and headed the ball unstoppably past Vandevoordt. Typical Vanaken goal.

Genk suddenly found it difficult and escaped when De Cuyper’s deflected shot ended up over the bar. Deep into extra time, your entire jink crawled through the eye of the needle. Hrosowski managed to prevent Thiago from turning the score to 2-1 at the last minute.

Dilla: “It was boys against men at first.”

  • Wouter Franken (Racing Genk coach): “We are very satisfied with the first half, both in terms of defending and the initiative we took. We found very good combinations and scored a very nice goal. We should have scored more, because we had many good chances. In the second half “it became a battle. After changing their system, we continued to research a lot about what worked in this change. We did not use the spaces which is unfortunate. The failure of Brian (Heynen, ed.), who played well was like “in the game, of course it made the difference too. A draw here is certainly not a bad result, but we were hoping for more, especially after the first half.”
  • Ronnie Deila (Club Brugge coach): “In the first half, Genk was much better than us. We were behind everywhere. But in the second half it was the opposite. In the end we probably should have won, but we could also have lost in the first half.” We played very carefully, it was boys against men at first. We also lost the ball very quickly. In the second half, on the other hand, we were in control, and we were constantly in Genk’s half. “We didn’t have enough clear-cut chances, that was the only thing that could have been better. It’s happened to us a few times now that we’ve started the game very poorly, and we have to learn lessons from that.”

Watch the press conference and reactions after the Club Genk match:

  1. The second half, minute 97, is over. Club Brugge and Racing Genk shared the points after an exciting performance from Jan Breidel. Al-Khannous opened the scoring shortly before half-time, and Vanaken deserved to be included in the team for the second half. Genk escaped defeat in extra time. .
  2. Second half, 97th minute, the match is over
  3. Second half, minute 95. Hrosowski prevents the score 2-1! Klopp is very close to the winning goal. Following a low cross from Skouras, Thiago lobbed Sadiq from close range, and Hrosowski was able to deny a second chance for the Brazilian. He throws the ball away. .
  4. Second half, minute 93. Yellow for Balanta. Palanta was late in his response to Hrosowski. Brugge’s substitute received a yellow card in the final minutes. .
  5. Yellow card for Club Brugge player Eder Balanta in the second half, minute 93
  6. Second half, minute 92. Five of the six extra minutes remaining. Will we get another winner at Jan Breidel Stadium? .
  7. Second half, minute 91. Then again Genk. Bah cuts the ball from the right side and shoots the ball, but his shot misses completely. Genk did not prepare adequately offensively in the second half. .
  8. Second half, minute 88. Substitution for Club Brugge, Michel Skouras comes on, Jörn Spillers comes on.
  9. Second half, minute 87. The club is looking for a score of 2-1. Klopp is doing everything he can to keep three points in Brugge. Nielsen takes advantage of his chance with a long shot into the middle in front of the goal. Vandevoordt catches the ball. .
  10. Second half, minute 81. Substitution for KRC Genk, Anwar Ait El-Hajj comes on, Bilal El-Khannous comes off.
  11. Second half, minute 81. Substitution for KRC Genk, Christopher Bah comes on, Aliu Vadera comes on
  12. Second half, minute 81. Double substitution. Wouter Franken steps in and brings two new forces between the lines. Khanoos and Fadira are brought aside for the pilgrim and the vendors. .
  13. Second half, minute 78. Yellow card for Skov Olsen. Skov Olsen presses hard on Arteaga and receives a yellow card. The Dane clearly does not agree with this. .
  14. Yellow card for Club Brugge’s Andreas Skov Olsen in the 78th minute
  15. Second half, minute 72. With fifteen minutes to go, Klopp is now in control of the game. Genk couldn’t figure it out anymore. .
  16. Second half, minute 71. There is Klopp again. Vanaken stands at the cannon. His long shot goes close to the goal. Genk lost ground a bit after Henin retired. .
  17. The ball is on the crossbar. Genk is now having a tough time and is coming out well. De Cuyper’s shot appeared to go wide of the target, but was deflected towards Gotgla. The ball eventually fell onto the crossbar. . Second half, minute 70.
  18. Second half, minute 68. The club now wants to continue its momentum. Skov Olsen takes advantage of his chance from the half-moon, but his shot lacks accuracy and goes wide of the goal. .
  19. Second half, minute 68.
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