April 22, 2024

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“When will everyone realize that I am a clairvoyant?”

“When will everyone realize that I am a clairvoyant?”

This fall, Tim Vanamel can finally hang out with him “APPLZ ≠ APPLZ” (★★★★), record the steel millionaire who fell between the folds in March 2020 due to this dreaded virus. You can also see him in action in select venues in the upcoming period through his solo project Comité Hypnotisé. He assures us that even a series of theatrical performances are imminent.

Theatrical performances, Tim?

Tim Vanhamel: “Yeah. Over the past few months, I’ve been making music for performance Orestia From Het Paleis, with Sjoerd Bruil. We’ll be on the shelves with this until 2022. I think I have eight days off for the next three months. That’s a good thing, but it’s too much at once.”

With the Millionaire you presented at Werchter Parklife in July and at Boomtown in Ghent in August: How did you experience getting back on the festival stage?

“Contrary to my expectations – with the fully seated position – I really enjoyed Werchter Parklife. The terrain looked impressive and at the end of our group the sky was starting to thicken and the wind was blowing: a special atmosphere! Boomtown was special because for the first time in a long time I saw people standing close together Some. But I have to admit: on stage I am primarily interested in music and performance, and not in what is happening in front of me. This is one blurry crowds.”

The Corona crisis broke the millionaire last year. Do you feel that the audience APPLZ APPLZ have forgotten?

“I think the problem is that I already forgot this recording myself. (Laughs) Of course it was the problem: You’re all set to pass on your music to people – lots of songs are playing APPLZ APPLZ It was written to run right through – and then all of a sudden you have to stay inside. I began to worry: Oh dear, what if the black hole swallowed this log forever? But that feeling has faded. Nowadays we can even play without making a new record, I think.”

The tenor of the new songs was terrible. Even “strange days” were foreshadowing an epidemic. Are you aware of your future side as a songwriter?

(seriously) Yes really. I’m not talking here: I just knew. When “Cornucopia” – an unconventional and socially critical ballad along the lines of Curtis Mayfield – was completed – I thought at first: excuse me, I’d better watch myself, I don’t want to be called an old moan. But in the next song she wrote, ‘Strange Days’, that same anxiety crept into shit Where humanity ends. Then I decided: No, I will not silence myself.

“By the way, most people don’t listen to the lyrics anyway.”

Journalists do.

Of course I got questions about the lyrics in the interviews, but the tune was still soothing: ‘Yeah, Tim, you’re right, but the next question is now.’ Even after a week we lived in a new world. Suddenly I got completely different comments: (with Antwerp dialect) “Amy, they wrote a song about the epidemic, is this really necessary?” (Laughs) When will everyone finally realize that we are in dire straits and that I am a clairvoyant? ”

In September is Outside Simian’s flock, the first appearance of the millionaire, at the age of twenty. How do you remember that time?

“I was 17 when I broke out. I played Evil Superstars, at DEUS, I had a girlfriend who also traveled the world (Top Model Hannelore Knuts, editor) And I managed to set a record with my own group – a long-awaited dream that came true. It was all great, but I love life more now. When you are young, you are also full of insecurities and delusions. They are not necessary for anything, but you can only get rid of them by living. You cannot speed up this process. I feel more comfortable now, even when it comes to ambition. Or, more precisely: a lack of ambition. (Laughs)

Ten years ago, you didn’t even want to be a musician anymore.

“Since I was 17, I’ve toured internationally with men much older than me: superstars and dEUS, but also Stone Age queens, death metal eagles… I’ve had Broken Glass Heroes, Eat Lions, and Disko Drunkards. In In my thirties, I began to wonder: Is this now? The pressure I put on myself in my twenties, the desire to please … was enough. In 2011 and 2012 I did not touch the guitar. I even thought: I will do something else, I will give Applying for a job I also wanted a working environment with female colleagues or a daily routine.

“During that guitar-free period, I realized that my life wouldn’t fall apart if I didn’t play music. It has definitely helped me over the past year. That doesn’t mean the performance isn’t a celebration of life, because of course it is!”

In Boomtown, a song was dedicated to Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts, who passed away that day. Do you think the stones could go on without him?

The question is: Shouldn’t they actually stop? I also went to see them when they were at Werchter a few years ago. It was nice. Then I bought a pair of Stones sweatpants and have faithfully worn them ever since. The first crack appeared only recently.

“I was once Benjamin all over, and musicians are now younger than me. I recently jokingly posted a MySpace logo as a profile picture on my Instagram. Someone asked me ‘Hey, what is this?’. If you had to explain it, why would you? It’s funny anymore. I just want to say: everything will pass.”

dub it oh no no by the Commission on Hypnosis in Cortisona. Millionaire plays on September 10 at Schippersweekend in Lauwe. The Hypnosis Committee plays on September 24 at Dokrijk in Antwerp.

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