July 21, 2024

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When will iOS 16.2 be released?  (iPhone news #44)

When will iOS 16.2 be released? (iPhone news #44)

iOS 16.2 is coming sooner than you think and message yourself on WhatsApp. This is the biggest Apple and iPhone news of the week.

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iOS 16.2 released in December: These are the new features

iOS 16.2 is the next major temporary update for the iPhone, with many new features. Apple insider Mark Gorman thinks he knows when iOS 16.2 will be released: the software will appear in mid-December.

Gurman reported this in his weekly newsletter, in which he shares his predictions for the final two months of 2022. The last major temporary update for the iPhone this year is iOS 16.2 and we can expect the software in December, he reported.

all about iOS 16.2

Message yourself on WhatsApp: Best feature in years

Whatsapp messages

WhatsApp will soon display your private number as a contact in the app so you can send a message to yourself.

Location WABetainfo, a site that focuses on beta versions of WhatsApp, found this in the latest beta version ( But why would you want to use this feature (kinda weird) anyway?

Send WhatsApp messages to yourself: it will be possible soon

Experts: The iPhone 14 Pro camera is a huge leap forward

iphone 14 pro max camera.  iPhone 14 Pro Max camera

The iPhone 14 Pro camera has been greatly improved compared to its predecessor. At least that’s what reputable experts say.

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In a comprehensive review of the iPhone 14 Pro camera, the new technology from Apple was evaluated as positive by experts. Lux, creator of the popular camera app halide Annual reviews of Apple’s flagship camera. The result this time is excellent.

so it is iPhone 14 Pro camera improved

KPN Multisim is now available: Connect everywhere with Apple Watch 4G (without iPhone)

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch with 4G technology is ideal for athletes such as runners and cyclists. The smartwatch can track your data and tell you everything about your speed, heart rate, and more. However, you often still have to keep your iPhone in your pocket. For example, to stay available on the road or to be able to stream music.

With KPN Multisim, you can now leave your iPhone at home. A new subscription ensures that the watch is always and everywhere online. T-Mobile previously released a similar package.

How much does it cost Apple Watch subscription with KPN

iPhone SE 4: You might get an OLED screen (and that’s nice)

iPhone SE 4 presents

There are already many rumors about the iPhone SE 4. This is how this new version of the iPhone gets its appearance iPhone XR. However, that’s not entirely certain, says well-informed Ross Young.

According to him, Apple is not quite sure what kind of screen they want to use for the iPhone SE 4. He believes that Apple is still studying different types of screens. There are two manufacturers of a 6.1-inch (OLED) screen that Apple still has in its sights.

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We already know about this iPhone SE 4 screen

Too bad: iPhone 15 camera won’t get a great upgrade

You might immediately think that the iPhone 15 won’t get a Periscope camera, but rumors follow that this particular camera is coming.

But, trusted Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo said on Twitter that another expected camera feature is unlikely to come.

this Camera upgrade won’t come to iPhone 15

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