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Which savings account is currently making the most money?  This is how you make the best choice in 5 steps  My guide

Which savings account is currently making the most money? This is how you make the best choice in 5 steps My guide

Spaargids.beFor a long time, my savings account was barely generating anything. But recently, savings interest rates have risen again. Therefore, the question is relevant again: how can you choose the best among the wide range of savings accounts in our country? Spaargids.be Guides you to the most affordable option.

The legal minimum savings interest is 0.11 per cent: savings have not earned more than that for a long time. Until the tide turned, after the European Central Bank raised interest rates several times since the summer of 2022. Today it's worth shopping around again to look for the best savings account. Follow these five steps.

Step 1: Ditch your big bank

Have you been a customer of the same major bank all your life? But for a long time, competitors in the market in particular have been offering attractive savings rates. Today, it is the small banks that perform well in the rankings of the best-returning savings accounts, with KBC Start2Save (2.55% total interest) and ING Tempo Savings (3.00% total interest) Exceptions. It's at the top of the list VDK Ritme Savings AccountWith a total interest rate of 3.15%.

You are not necessarily exposed to more risk if you deposit your savings with a smaller bank. First check whether the bank falls under the deposit protection scheme. If you save in a Belgian bank, this is definitely the case. You can save 100,000 euros per person per bank without the risk of possible bank bankruptcy. But you can also enjoy this protection at a foreign financial institution.

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Is your bank going bankrupt? Check here you are guaranteed to enjoy.

Step 2: Verify the offer from your home bank

Do you prefer to stay with a trusted bank? Then at least check if they don't offer more interesting savings accounts. Classic Savings Accounts generally earn less than that: 1.10% total interest on a Classic Savings Account Belvius0.90% total interest on KBC Savings Account0.75% on regular savings account BNP Paribas Fortisbut the total interest is 2.25% on ING Savings Account.

Will you not lose your security bonus when transferring money from one savings account to another at the same bank? It is not necessary. If both accounts are in the same name, you can transfer three times a year while maintaining the trust premium and interest period. You must then transfer a minimum of €500 at a time.

Step 3: Choose the account that suits your savings rate

Savings accounts that generate a higher return may impose additional conditions on how and how much you can save. For example, you can only deposit a maximum of €500 per month KBC Start2Save (2.55% total interest), Calculate growth in Argenta (3.00% total interest), ING Tempo Savings (3.00%) and VDK Ritme Savings Account (Total interest 3.15%). bee Santander Consumer Bank VisionMax (Total interest 3.00%) You must save at least €125,000. Prefer no additional requirements? Then you will still find a nice interest rate Fidelity MeDirect Savings (2.55% total interest) and Loyalty account From NIBC (total interest 3.00%).

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Step 4: Take your savings horizon into consideration

Most of the savings accounts you find in Belgium are regulated. This means that they offer a base interest rate and a fidelity bonus. You receive principal interest for each day the amount is in the savings account. You get a fidelity bonus for money that stays in the account for a year.

Can't afford to lose your money for a year? Then choose a savings account that earns a higher base interest rate. You shouldn't pay attention to the loyalty bonus, as you are not entitled to it anyway. Can you save your savings for a year? Then also look at the fidelity bonus.

Step 5: Find your best savings account using the Spaargids comparison tool

Do you want to put all the previous steps into practice? This is easy with Comparable Spaargids. In the constantly updated overview, you can see at a glance all the savings accounts that are most interesting to you, and how much basic interest and Fidelity Bonus they are currently earning.

Are you wondering where your savings are best located? Click here to quickly and easily find the right savings account for you.

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