December 5, 2023

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Why does connections with local people make a difference in Australia?

Why does connections with local people make a difference in Australia?

Anyone who goes on holiday to Australia sees his life’s dream come true. Especially if you leave enough room in your travel planning for meetings with locals. “These are the moments that will stay with you the longest.”

Taking a trip to Australia is something that’s high on many people’s bucket lists. In fact, this is something that was on many lists before the term was invented. However, only a minority actually achieve this dream. “This is partly due to the sheer size of the country. This means that a lot of people feel like they don’t know where to start looking,” says Michiel Mandegers, sales director at TravelEssencespecialist Travel agency Which offers, among other things, tailored travel packages to Australia.

Personal contact takes precedence

“And that’s exactly why we’re there. With our team of travel advisors, who all have a wealth of travel experience Down“We package travel offers for our clients,” Mandegers continues. “In concrete terms, we always focus on the traveler experience and above all we strive to maximize the connection with the traveler.” Ooz. We do this because we sincerely believe that this is exactly where the greatest value lies. Everyone will then admit that interacting with real Australians, whether by chance or not, is most valuable when travelling. “These are the moments that will stay with you longer,” says Mandegers.

According to him, the added value to the traveler contained in this communication is incomparable. “On the one hand, because Local people They can share their knowledge and thus give very specific advice, but on the other hand also because it allows travelers to enjoy more the moment and really enjoy the holiday rather than testing what the internet or social media says. In the case of Australia, interacting with people is also very easy. “The population there is bad anyway Out And open. It sounds corny, but it’s true. “They let life take its course a little more and think less about difficulties,” Mandegers continues. “So the chat threshold is much lower than it is here. This is very contagious and makes you think about us overwrought To be there.”

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When you talk about local culture in Australia, you quickly end up talking about indigenous people. “During Aboriginal-led tours and activities, visitors get the opportunity to experience the country from the perspective of this ancient culture. Just this combination of encounters between Aboriginal Australians and Ooz “It makes the trip complete,” says Mandegers.

The pace of travel is calm

The very relaxed and open attitude of the locals is clearly reflected in the way the country is designed. “For example, life takes place outside much more. This is due to the climate, but also to the national character. Concrete examples are spacious terraces, usually equipped with large barbecue facilities, and extensive parks in cities,” says Mandegers. If you want to experience this to the fullest, it’s best to allow enough time at each location. “That’s why we always recommend a leisurely travel pace. This way, people have the opportunity to respond to tips from real Australians and other encounters. If the trip is full of visits and activities, you won’t have that space.”

The choice of accommodation is also a decisive factor in this story. “Anyone who chooses to stay at a small-scale B&B will practically get more in return. After all, here you are in much closer contact with Ooz, who take pride in their country and therefore want you to experience it as the locals know it. For this reason they are more inclined to share their knowledge about the region and the country, and in addition to the main landmarks, travelers also visit places that only a few tourists know about. This is not often the case if you choose a campervan or a large hotel chain, which practically guarantees more transactional communications, Mandegers concludes.

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