May 31, 2024

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Why does Ryanair leave Zaventem with her tail between her legs

Why does Ryanair leave Zaventem with her tail between her legs

Irish low-cost airline Ryanair will close its base at Brussels Airport in Zaventem this winter. According to CEO Michael O’Leary, this is due to the Belgian aviation tax. “This is nonsense,” says aviation economist Water Deolph of the University of Antwerp.

Marine Seliger

What does base closure mean?

DeWolf: “Ryanair is removing the two planes they are stationed at Brussels Airport. Flights made with these planes.” (ten a day, editor) canceled. That doesn’t mean you’ll never again spot a Ryanair Boeing in Zaventem. Flights operate with aircraft based elsewhere (twenty a day, editor)Just keep going. Initially, the base will be gone even after winter, but I don’t really expect Ryanair to come back.”

why not?

“Ryanair somehow failed in Brussels. They competed with Brussels Airlines. But although they made it very difficult for them, the Belgian airline did not collapse. Brussels Airlines proved to be resilient and adapted very quickly. They also began to offer flights Cheap flight where the passenger has to pay extra for extra legroom and baggage.

“Moreover, Charleroi Airport (Where Ryanair has stationed fifteen aircraft, editor) more important. They made some deals there. For example, they only have to pay a few euros per passenger for service costs. For comparison: in Brussels the cost is not less than 30 euros. They can’t get these kinds of deals there due to the presence of Brussels Airlines, the airport’s main client. And so they withdraw with their tail between their legs.”

Transport economist Water Dewolf (UAntwerp).Photo © Stefan Timmermann

According to CEO O’Leary, this is mainly due to the airline tax. Depending on the travel distance, the airline will have to pay taxes from 2 to 10 euros.

“This argument is nonsense. The flight tax is a federal tax. So why would they stay in Charleroi? No, it’s just an opportunistic decision. Brussels Airport is not necessary, Charleroi is close and cheaper, so they left Zaventem. Sorry flight tax. Also, I think it’s a subtle stab to whoever was involved in This summer’s trial hit.”be cerfull: If we’re not satisfied, we’ll pull the plug mercilessly. This message will also reach other airports. Maybe they’ll think three times before they turn down the Ryanair deal.”

Does this have an effect?

“Michael O’Leary is an outspoken CEO and he keeps his word and proves it again. Ryanair has a dominant position opposite the airports. Airports that the airline dominates are very dependent on them. If they stop in Charleroi, for example, it would be a complete disaster. Then part disappears. This is the dominant position that Ryanair is using, or if you are going to use.”

What about brussels airport? Are they afraid there, do you think?

“I don’t think so. Of course it wouldn’t be good for the airport if an airline left, but in this case it’s about two planes. It’s annoying, but certainly not a big deal. And they’re excited at Brussels Airlines anyway. Their expensive strategy has proven The competition price is its success.”

What does that mean for the traveler?

“Maybe the travel time will increase a little or there will be fewer options, but not much will change. They are not going to close the base in Charleroi any time soon. The two maintain a symbiotic relationship: Charleroi cannot do without Ryanair and Ryanair cannot do without Charleroi. It is a profitable base very much and one of the biggest bases in Europe. Belgian travelers will definitely be able to go there.”

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