June 2, 2023

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Why Nils Diestadsbader Wasn’t MIA Candidate: ‘I Voted for Him’ | Mayas

MusicThe MIA Awards will be given out tonight and those colors will be more Flemish than ever. Nils Diestadsbader was not nominated for an award. How did this happen? asked “Play Café” HLN journalist Jolien Boeckx. “There’s always a jury that can nominate,” she explains. “That’s about 250 people from the music industry. You can enter three favorites for each category. Depending on who nominates those people, some votes don’t count, of course, if everyone else is voting for the same people.” Is it right that Nils Distadsbader could not replace a nomination? Julianne laughs: “I have to admit, I would have voted for him. So I guess he should have been nominated. But my vote wasn’t going to affect the rest. The majority decides, hey.”


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