September 21, 2023

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Why so many young people in the French suburbs can drive sports cars with Polish license plates

Why so many young people in the French suburbs can drive sports cars with Polish license plates

For a slightly enlarged AMG version of the Mercedes A-Type – the kind that Nael took his killer ride on – the list price is currently easily €50,000. Not exactly how much a 17-year-old pizza courier can charge. According to the latest reports, he was going to borrow the car from a “friend”. But either that friend – according to the license plate – has Polish citizenship or is related to a car from a Polish rental company. The latter option seems more reasonable. Because: “While car rental prices are exploding in France, many young people – mostly from the Parisian suburbs – are now heading to Poland for long-term car rentals,” some French newspapers reported on this striking trend last summer.


Poland was literally called El Dorado – say: the Promised Land of Gold. “With competitive prices for attractive sports cars that can be much lower than in France,” says the paper. Le Parisien, who also immediately spoke to a car rental company from the Parisian Ile-de-France region. “Before Poland there was Germany and Luxembourg, but Poland has been the standard for a year now. The Eastern European country has cut prices dramatically. In France, customers will pay five times as much.”

To be able to unload even an extended suburban Mercedes AMG, a rent of 1,500 euros per month is enough. It is not uncommon for these cars to be sublet as well. This is how a young French man witnessed Le Parisien: “I rent my Mercedes AMG, sometimes on weekends – in black – for ‘events’. The car has already been used to shoot a couple of rap videos and also at a wedding. As a result, I can sometimes get back my 1,500 monthly rent euros in one weekend.

Driving license with points

Then there is another big ‘feature’ for the young French drivers. In France, a driver’s license is used with points. Each driver usually gets 12 points, from which points are deducted for serious traffic violations. But since 2004 there has been a “trial permit” for novice drivers: they start their first two or three years – depending on their driving training – with only 6 points. “Renting a car directly in Poland is therefore a godsend for young Frenchmen, as with a Polish license plate there is almost no risk of losing points, even if a fine follows,” he explains. Le Parisien that feature. An unknown driver in that newspaper also nodded. “It’s less of a hassle for insurance companies. And then you can also play some shit without being bothered by radar or police.”

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