April 16, 2024

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Why wasn't Gert Verholst among the 25 richest entertainers

Why wasn’t Gert Verholst among the 25 richest entertainers

“Verholst changed a difficult case,” says Ludwig Verduen. “We wanted to focus primarily on theatrical artists, the people who make the most of their money in front of the camera. Verhulst may already be a TV personality, but the income from that doesn’t turn out to be nil compared to the 120 million he’s worth via Studio 100.”

How does a financial journalist get 120 million? In 2020, businessman Vic Swerts and investor Frank Dunk bought a quarter of Studio 100 shares. The company was valued at 500 million euros and the deal earned Hans Bourlon and Gert Verhulst 40 million. Each of the founders held 25 percent of the shares. Due to Corona, Studio 100 and Plopsa incurred a loss in 2020, reducing the value of the company to about 320 million. So Verhulst’s stock package is worth about $80 million on paper. That is why I see him as a great coach.” With this 120 million euros, Verhulst would be around 185 in the list of the richest Belgians.

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