July 24, 2024

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Will Kate be queen or consort wife?

Will Kate be queen or consort wife?

Although there was just an inauguration on the throne in Royal familyWe are already quietly looking forward to the future. Someday Prince William will sit there, with Kate Middleton beside him. But what will we call it next?

Princess Kate

When Charles became king, the title of Prince of Wales passed through another generation. Not much has changed for Prince William in terms of the name, but Kate From now on she will live her life as a princess instead of a duchess. But what title will you get once Prince William takes the throne?

Camila is turning around now King’s wife the name of the thing. This refers to a queen married to a king, not a queen who inherited the throne as Queen Elizabeth did. Elizabeth’s husband, Prince Philip, is listed as the Queen consort. Despite the nickname, Camilla would be popularly known as Queen Camilla. And there’s a good chance this will happen to Kate, too, when William takes the throne. Officially, it’s going to be Catherine, the queen consort, but let’s be honest, Kate really is sometimes Queen Catherine the name of the thing.

other function

In addition to this title, you will also receive another set of duties. In general, you will Kate As the consort of the king, supporting her husband in his duties as king, and attending Ownership Links and make foreign visits. In addition, you will also be a sponsor of charities and charitable organizations.

The Queen Mother

In addition to the consort of the Queen, there is also the title of the Queen Mother: a title that Queen Elizabeth’s mother wore after the death of her husband, King George VI. She chose this nickname on purpose, otherwise people would confuse her with her daughter of the same name.

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The former Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth. Source: BrunoPress

According to Marilyn Koenig, a royal expert, there is a possibility that Kate will also get this title if she survives her husband. “If Prince George is king, she can choose to address Her Majesty Queen Catherine, the Queen Mother,” Koenig explains.

Source: Town and Country, People | Photo: BrunoPress