July 24, 2024

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The first visitors liked KMSKA: “You have to come back at least five times for this” (Antwerp)

The first visitors liked KMSKA: “You have to come back at least five times for this” (Antwerp)

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Although the rain caused a lot of sighs and sighs outside, the atmosphere in the museum was great. Enthusiasts eagerly ran up the stairs to plunge as quickly as possible into the wonderful, fresh world of KMSKA. “We’re so happy we can finally see with our own eyes what they’ve made of it,” Simon and Lenny say.

© Jan van der Berry

The couple worked at KMSKA until recently, and say they have an idea of ​​the end result. They are still in love. “We experienced the museum in various stages, but it was a relief to finally see the works hanging on the walls. It was really overwhelming,” Simon said.

Lenny, Simon & Sons. © Jan van der Berry

While Simon and Lenny catch their eye, their children Juno and Raul hop on a mount by Christoph Coppins. “They clearly thought of the kids, which is very nice. Other museums can learn from that,” Lenny laughs.

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Second visit required

There are a few other rooms, Ronnie, Annick and Zyara marveling at the hand that spins off the wall. “It’s beautiful how classic and modern works are combined. The masters’ works are never boring, but the modern rooms are also worth a visit,” says Annick.

Ronnie, Annick, Xiara. © Jan van der Berry

“It’s an incredible maze. It takes a while before you know the way, but that in itself isn’t too bad. If you want an accurate impression, you have to go back at least five or six times. One visit gives you a lot of superficial impressions. But hey, It’s not bad at all. We are happy to open the museum again, they have outdone themselves.”

Ditty and Gander. © Jan van der Berry

However, not everyone is equally enthusiastic. Although she hasn’t visited all the rooms yet, Detty’s first impression of the room with Modern Masters isn’t immediately very positive. “a white cube It could be cool, but that’s really too white. Art without context is not always bad, but now I feel that works are losing their beauty due to their lack. It’s all pretty much the same, and it’s so overwhelming.”

Aunt Kate. © Jan van der Berry

Elma Dalhuijsen-Neuss, who has made a name for herself as Tanti Cat, understands Ditty, but is still very excited about the museum. “You’re a nuisance if you don’t like this. I’m so glad the museum is open again. I have a museum pass, so I’ll undoubtedly pass by regularly and take my time to thoroughly explore each room. Long live KMSKA.”

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