February 27, 2024

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Will Lukaku play a bigger role at Anderlecht in the future?

Will Lukaku play a bigger role at Anderlecht in the future?

At RSC Anderlecht they lost two people who know Brussels football inside and out, Kevin Vermeulen and Jan Kindermans. They became victims of the revolution that took place in Nerbiddi. Can fans hope for a long-term return for Romelu Lukaku?

Lukaku was Jan Kindermans' dream successor as head of youth coaching. “Big Rom” was one of the regular shows at Neerpede and still comes there now. His son plays football there. Lukaku follows youth football closely. Kevin Vermeulen, Kindermans' right-hand man at Nerbed for many years, sees Lukaku returning one day.

Great future for Lukaku

“Someone like Lukaku is almost 31 years old. I wish him many years at the top and as a footballer, but he could be an interesting person for Nerby. He is someone who has tested the purple talent project from the beginning. I hope Lukaku returns to Anderlecht one day Radio Radzinsky.

Lukaku criticized when Anderlecht announced Kindermans' retirement. It remains to be seen if something breaks as a result, but at the moment that does not appear to be the case. “For now, I think the chance is still there. He's someone who will still be very important for Belgian football, even after his playing career. But let's hope we can enjoy him for another year or two at Lotto Park.”

Warning for Hemmersman & Co

“There are still boys who have not reached the level of senior players who were part of this project and showed interest in returning to the youth academy,” Vermeulen said, warning Hemmersmann, Verbeke and Merriman.

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“In Brussels, you have a complex system in terms of education and the like. Within Nerbidé there has been a lot of experience in this matter. With a foreigner it is more difficult. And obviously new people will have a lot to deal with in everything. This is what happens within the Academy Young people in a Brussels club like Anderlecht.”