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Will men soon wear linen suits en masse?  “You see him more and more in the office” |  Nina

Will men soon wear linen suits en masse? “You see him more and more in the office” | Nina

Air linen is the fabric of choice to keep you cool during hot summer days. And who would have thought that linen did not do that Fashion It could be, it’s a huge mistake. More and more celebrities are choosing linen suits, including American actor Brad Pitt. Bruno van Gils, founder and CEO of The Fashion Café, and fashion editor David Defferendt explains the latest men’s fashion. “Linen is known to wrinkle quickly. You don’t have that problem with a linen blend suit.”

Wearing a skinny suit doesn’t seem to be the catchphrase this summer. Loose linen suits are becoming increasingly popular among celebrities. For example, American actor Brad Pitt appeared during his promotional tour for his new movie “Bullet Train” in different linen suits, designed by Dutch designer Hans Nicholas Mott. From light green to even skirt. Actor gone all the way. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was also seen at his wedding dressed in a cream-colored linen suit and a light blue shirt.

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Brad Pitt. © Getty Images

Linen suits are also popular with men in Belgium during the summer months. “People specifically ask about linen suits when they go on vacation,” says Bruno van Gils, founder and CEO of Café Costume. “Linen is a very light fabric, which is perfect when you’re in a sunny destination. The linen suit also looks a bit more casual than the classic suit, and fits perfectly in typical bohemian clothing style with airy fabrics in earthy tones.”

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Bruno van Gils

Bruno van Gils © Alexandre Poplar

Our fashion editor David Diffrent wholeheartedly agrees. Linen suits are often worn in summer because the fabric regulates heat. Linen suits are especially popular in Italy and on the East Coast, such as New York or Boston.”

“The average Flemish man doesn’t have a linen suit in his wardrobe, but you can already see it showing up more often,” Defferendt continues. “In the office, men tend to use linen instead of a heavy, stiff suit. You also see more and more grooms wearing linen at weddings, but that is mainly due to destination weddings Before. When men go on vacation, they often dare to take a linen suit with them to dress up Local people. “

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David Differendt.

David Differendt. © Nina

Sales of linen blend is increasing

“Although linen is a popular summer fabric, we don’t notice at Café Costume that the sale of linen suits has increased in recent years,” Van Gils says. “What is seeing an increase in sales is ‘linen blends.’ These are suits in which linen is blended with another fabric, such as cotton or wool.”

“The advantage of this blended suit is that it wrinkles less quickly. Linen is known for that, but with a blended outfit like this, you see it less quickly. And because you’re wearing linen, you still have the feeling that your suit is “breathing.” Perfect for summer, because you’re in Truth wears the same airy linen look, but only tighter.” Sounds like The best of both worlds.

How do you wear it?

Van Gils and Devriendt agree that in the case of a linen suit, it is best to choose a looser cut. “For many people, such a loose appearance outside their comfort zone Because they usually wear tight-fitting suits in the work environment,” Defferent says. “But linen should be a little looser.”

“In terms of shoes, you can opt for espadrilles if you want a casual look. With sandals you can have a more summery look. Do you want it more elegant? Then you can make your pants a little shorter at the bottom and wear a nice pair of moccasins under them. This is the typical Italian outfit. “.


I even saw men walking around not wearing anything under the jacket

Fashion Editor David Defferendt

A linen suit usually comes in natural colors such as light beige, ivory, brown and gray. For example, if you are wearing a light brown suit, you can pair it with brown moccasins and brown camisole. Stay in the same colors of the earth, it gives more depth.”

“You can tie your shirt all the way down or leave a few buttons unbuttoned to wear it Italian taste to have. please seventies look? Then put your shirt collar over the jacket. I’ve even seen men walking around wearing nothing under the jacket, but that’s more for the beach.”

Charming wrinkles

Linen is a natural material that wrinkles easily. “Either iron your clothes before going outside, or go for the casual look of a slightly wrinkled suit,” Devriendt says. “Avoiding wrinkles completely is almost impossible. Once you walk out the door, the movements you make will cause wrinkles here and there, for example on the elbows or sleeves.”


The fact that it has some wrinkles makes it so charming. It doesn’t always have to be perfectly smooth

Fashion Editor David Defferendt

“There are a few tricks you can use to remove wrinkles from your linen suit. I wash my items in the washing machine on a cold programme. Then I put them in the dryer for a while, but not too long; they should still be a little damp. Then I lay the items flat on a rack. It usually contains Your shirt and pants have a few wrinkles. Another well-known trick for tough wrinkles is to hang your clothes on coat racks and then spray them with water and pull the material.”

“Linen has its pros and cons,” Defferendt concludes. “The fact that it has some wrinkles makes it so charming. It doesn’t always have to be perfectly smooth.”

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