February 28, 2024

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Windows 11 24H1 Update coming in April with WiFi 7

Windows 11 24H1 Update coming in April with WiFi 7

Dell confirms that the next major Windows update, Windows 11 24H1, will be available in April and will add WiFi 7, among other things.

The next major Windows update is just around the corner. Last year, we only saw one at the end of the year, Windows 11 23H2. Microsoft is already aiming for at least one major update in 2024 with the launch of Windows 11 24H1 in April. We learned this from Dell, which will announce its new WiFi 7-enabled XPS devices at CES 2024.

Product details indicate that WiFi 7 is not yet available on devices today. The hardware is ready, the software is not yet. So we have to wait for the new Windows 11 24H1 update that will be released in April according to Dell.

In the image above, a screenshot from the video demo of the laptop's details, you can see that the update will be available for download in April. Only from August onwards will laptops be equipped with the Windows 11 24H1 update as standard from the factory.

It's not clear at the moment if this major update is separate from the smaller Moment 5 update that's rumored to be available in February. This update may be bundled into the larger Windows 11 24H1 Update, or we may get two update moments this spring, in addition to the traditional minor updates and security patches.

It goes without saying that Microsoft will make maximum efforts in the field of artificial intelligence with the new update. Laptop manufacturers are already doing this today with announcements of new hardware, and Intel and AMD are also showing off AI functionality within Windows. Now it's up to Microsoft to throw more AI in our faces until it becomes an empty term.

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