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your location 12:15 pm: Middlekirkee 5.20 pm: Middlekirk

Middelkerke is the scene of the Belgian Cycling Championship on Sunday. Defending champion Wout van Aert was not present due to a knee injury. Who uses the flat pool theater in West Flanders to take the reins of the Belgian tricolor? Follow all the news about BK here.

  1. 10:15 p.m. I’m sure we can make clear agreements on Tim Merler and I if the enemy becomes fast. Jasper Philipsen, Alpecin-Phoenix.
  2. 9 p.m. 51. Philipsen: “Don’t hope too much, because then you’ll be disappointed.”

    Philipsen: “Don’t hope too hard, for then the frustration is great”

  3. 9 p.m. 16. We don’t have a runner. Fabio Jacobsen is not Belgian as of further notice. So we have to do it differently. Wilfried Peters, Team Leader for Quick Step-Alpha Vinyl.
  4. 9 p.m. 14. Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl sneaks into underdog mode. In Quick Step-Alpha Vinyl, Morey Vincivenant and Louis Vervaijk lost on Sunday. This means that Patrick Lefevre’s team has to deal with ten men during BC in Middelkerke. With Yves Lampaert you will bring & nbsp; Champion 2018 at the start. Remco Evenepoel, Dries Devenyns, Tim Declercq, Stijn Steels, Bert Van Lerberghe, Iljo Keisse, Pieter Serry, Stan Van Tricht and Ilan Van Wilder “We don’t have a runner. Fabio Jacobsen is not Belgian until further notice. So we have to approach it differently”, As athletic director Wilfried Peters says. “The fact that there isn’t Wout van Aert won’t change Jumbo-Visma’s tactics. Otherwise they’ll start with four. Alpecin-Fenix ​​will want to check everything, just like Lotto Soudal. We’ll deliver on Sunday. Best ever, but the race must always be passed.” & nbsp; & nbsp; Evenpoel and Lambert completed an impressive test on Thursday. “Sunday will be a class phase and not a time trial. I’m very happy to be the underdog. Of course people expect a lot from our team, but the initiative has to come from the other teams.” †
  5. 8 pm 55.
  6. 8 p.m. 52 Lotto Soudal “wants to draw the winning number in the BK lottery.” Lotto Soudal cannot count on the services of Thomas De Gendt and Victor Verschaeve on Sunday. Other Belgians are present. With Philip Gilbert, the team had the 2011 and 2016 champion in its ranks. Tim Wells, Florian Vermeersch and runner Arnaud de Lee will also be in attendance. Sporting director Nicholas said: “Thomas de Gendt still has major ankle problems. He rode the Belgian trial last Thursday at his Javier Stadium, but mainly to please his fans. Victor Wierschaf has not recovered sufficiently yet,” said sporting director Nicholas. Nicholas. Mays. & nbsp; “If it was a quick race in Middlekirk, Arnaud de Les would be our man. But I expect a tough, tough race. I think many teams will benefit from that.” “The Belgian Championship is always unpredictable. It is also an unusual field for participants. Not every team starts with seven riders. On Sunday you have groups of 20 riders, 15 riders and 10 riders… There are many things to consider from From start to finish. And to remind the sponsor: BC is a lottery and still is. We hope to draw the winning number.” †
  7. 8 pm 50. The Weemaes have already proven in recent months that they are fast at the finish line. Hans de Klerk, sporting director of Sport Flanders-Palais.
  8. 8:45 p.m. Sports Vlaanderen-Baloise relies on Sasha Weemaes to run. Sport Vlaanderen-Baloise can’t count on Arne Marit, Aaron Verwilst, Tuur Dens and Gilles De Wilde in the Belgian championship on Sunday, but they will start with seventeen riders. “Tor Denis has a broken collarbone, Jill de Wilde has a torn ligament, Aarn-Marit has knee problems, and Aaron Verwielst has toxoplasmosis,” explains athletic director Hans de Klerk. “We’re not the biggest team. That honor goes to Alpecin-Fenix. With the development team they’ll have 21 riders. I don’t think the riders from these two teams will be competing against each other, right?” “Surviving the Moers is going to be critical. I’m constantly following the fan app. With what they’re expecting now, it won’t break there because the wind isn’t strong enough.” “The fact is that the strip to Moeren will cause tension in the peloton. If it breaks there, it is still a long way to Middelkerke. There is a very narrow strip on the sea dam. It will also make him nervous. In fact I expect a quick sprint and then I immediately think of Tim Merler as the winner of the nominee. Then we overtook Sacha Wemais, especially now that Arne Marit wasn’t around.” “Weemaes have already proven in recent months that they are fast at the finish line. But not only do we have Sasha. We also have riders who can wage war on the road. I’m thinking of Julian Mertens, Jenno Berckmoes, Sander De Pistel, Kenneth Van Roy and Jeans Reynders, so we can handle with different scenarios. †
  9. 8 pm 44.
  10. It’s 8 pm. 41. We can play on all fronts on Sunday. Sports director Interarché-Wanty-Gobert, Hilaire Van Der Schueren.
  11. 8 p.m. 40. Intermarche-Wantie Joubert ‘He can play on all fronts’. Intermarché-Wanty Gobert will be in full force at the start of BC in Middelkerke on Sunday. Jan Bakilants, Dimitri Claes, Aimee de Gendt, Tom Defferendt, Kobe Goossens, Quentin Hermans, Lawrence Heuss, Baptiste Blankert and Gerben Thiessen; Kévin Van Melsen and Loic Vliegen form an eleven-passenger team. “There are several good scenarios for us on Sunday,” says sporting director Heller van der Schweren. “My riders can try it out in a breakout, but they can also do a sprint in which we can beat Gerpen Thiessen. Anything is possible and everything is allowed for us. We can play on all fronts.” & nbsp; & nbsp; “It will be a fight against Alpecin-Fenix, among others. They have the most riders at the start and have two good sprinters on board with Merlier and Philipsen. Lotto Soudal and Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl are the other Belgian teams in the world. We have some winners. Candidates. We have to take everything into account and anticipate when necessary.” †
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