February 28, 2024

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World Cup of Live Darts (VTM 2).  Michael van Gerwen, thanks in part to a brilliant 167th finish, was a whirlwind during |  Instagram HLN

World Cup of Live Darts (VTM 2). Michael van Gerwen, thanks in part to a brilliant 167th finish, was a whirlwind during | Instagram HLN


All results again

Ian White – Tomoya Goto (R1) 1-3
Richie Edhouse – Jeffrey de Graaf (R1) 2-3
Keegan Brown – Boris Krkmar (R1) 1-3
James Wade – Matthew Campbell (R2) 2-3

Steve Peyton – Vissel Njman 3-1
Mike De Decker – Dragutin Horvat (R1) 3-0
Ricardo Petrichko – Mikuru Suzuki (R1): 3-0
Michael van Gerwen – Ken Barry (R2): 3-0


Van Gerwen’s strong credit was partly due to his impressive 167th finish

Not everyone can handle the immense pressure from Alexandra Palace, but once Van Gerwen is on the podium at the World Cup, he brings out the best in him. Do you want a quiet income? This is not for the three-time world champion. In the green-coloured Ally Pally (no, not in honor of Van Gerwen but because of sponsor Paddy Power), Mighty Mike took the first group with an average of over 103.

Barry was allowed to start the second set and had plenty of chances to make it 1-1 to Van Gerwen, but with 13% in doubles, the Irishman showed that not everyone can handle the pressure that comes with getting chances against a player three times over. World Champion. Van Gerwen? He only needed a half chance and to facilitate he also bowled 167 when Barry was ready at 1-0 to have a serious chance of breaking 72 and making it 2-0.

In the third set, Barry lost hope. Especially when Van Gerwen accidentally threw a double 12 instead of a single 12 in the second leg of the 112 and thus had to switch gears. Then he threw Double 14 with the same ease, after which an evil smile appeared on his face. Van Gerwen did not concede a set and won 3-0.

9:50 pm

Group 3: 3-2. De Decker reaches the next round!

Mike De Decker has qualified for the second round of the World Cup of Darts in London without any difficulty. “The Real Deal” has yet to reach its best. His German opponent, Dragutin Horvat, was able to break serve in the first leg, but our compatriot improved in the match and won the first set 3-1. De Decker came into the break looking like a storm.

Recharging his energy in the locker room seemed to do him some good, as De Decker beat Horvat in the second set. He also thought his doubles were getting better and better, with a total of three pull-ups above 100. Which is better? This was the one who won the second set: 110 out.

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The third set was ultimately the most exciting. De Decker and Horvat took turns winning the leg. “The Real Deal” was able to wrap things up with a real “decider.” His German opponent had completely lost it and was unable to find any more threes. Without any pressure, De Decker finished the match in 16th place. The Latvian Madras Packers await in the second round.

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9:50 pm

Group 3: 2-2. Will De Decker finish it?

The German could start the fourth game of the third set and has not yet broken serve. Decker can now finish it himself on the leg.


Group 3: 2-1. The real deal is still one step away from the second round

De Decker needs another leg to reach the second round. He bowls 84 after another strong leg.


Group 3: 1-1. De Decker is right back

there he is! Mike De Decker is under pressure and equalizes the scores again. His scoring ability is particularly strong and now doubles follow again. strong!


Group 3: 0-1. Horvat comes

Horvat finally found his form and immediately took the lead in the third set. De Decker couldn’t blame himself too much right now. Will it equalize immediately?


Group 2: 3-1. amazing! 110 Get out!

Wow Mike Dedecker! Horvat seemed to have equalized again, but then our compatriot 110 got out. A brilliant throw immediately won the second set. Win another set and you’ll advance to the second round.


Group 2: 2-1. De Decker corrects errors

Mike De Decker corrects his mistake with a good leg. He counts himself to double 8 and is in the lead again! Things aren’t looking bad for the real deal.


Group 2: 1-1. De Decker error

The averages are not particularly high yet, but now De Decker is failing again in his doubles. Horvat won another match, 1-1 in the second set.


Group 2: 1-0. De Decker is in the lead again!

De Decker finds his first 180 and this also opens the way for gains. He also finished that leg with a score of 100, giving him a 1-0 lead.


Group 1: 3-1. A dissatisfied De Decker takes the first set!

The first 180 is one for Horvat. Our compatriot sees his arrow fall off the board again on his first throw of the fifth leg. The German then appeared to be on course for an easy win, but still suffered a red card. De Decker hits double twelve and wins the first set! Clearly he’s not yet satisfied with his game, because with a noticeably angry look, The Real Deal heads to Ally Pally’s catacombs for a short break.

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Group 1: 2-1. De Decker is in the lead

It’s not a quality gig at the moment. De Decker also threw the position inconsistently in the return leg, but came out on top. Thanks to the perfect final throw. He pulled 96 with two arrows: penalty!


Group 1: 1-1. Immediately break

The tension fades a little for Decker. He finds his threes often and can therefore break them immediately. He calculates to double sixteen and throws it in one go. He’s back to normal!


Group 1: 0-1. De Decker loses his advantage immediately

Things aren’t going too smoothly for the “real deal.” He doesn’t always find a three-pointer, which makes it easier for his opponent to grab Horvat. The German checks 60 and can break immediately. De Decker loses his advantage immediately!


There’s a de-decker!

master of ceremonies John MacDonald shouts in his trademark style Mike De Decker on stage. To the tune of the songGeronimo, De Decker smiling widely walks towards Aoki. Can our citizen qualify for the second round?


Peyton beats two stars!

Another surprise at Ally Pally! Former world champion Steve Beaton (59) defeated Dutchman Vissel Niemann 3-1. Peyton quickly took a two-set lead, and Najman was having a hard time getting rid of it. The Dutchman returned to the score at 2-1, but Bitton was allowed to start the fourth set himself. After an exciting decision, he achieved victory.

In a few minutes it will be up to his compatriot again! Mike De Decker takes over Dragutin Horvat.


James Wade has been eliminated!

The afternoon session of the World Cup of Darts has come to an end. The first game was an instant surprise. Ian White lost 1-3 to Japanese Tomogo Goto. In R2 Goto plays against Ryan Searle.

In the second match, Dutchman Geoffrey de Graaf (who lives in Sweden and plays under the Swedish flag) came back from a 0-2 deficit. He won 3-2 over local player Richie Edhouse, also his first World Cup win.

Less scene in the third match. Croatian Boris Karchmar defeated Keegan Brown 1-3. However, the Briton had many chances, as Krechmar struggled in doubles. He threw just 11 of 30.

But the afternoon match was between James Wade and Matthew Campbell. Especially because of the result. Series 13 leader, James Wade (a 4-time World Cup semi-finalist), was surprisingly eliminated by the Canadian. Wade did not reach his level during the match. Only 1180, at a rate of 36% on doubles. Campbell fared better and beat Wade 3-2 after a thrilling playoff.

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Brian Raman underwent shoulder surgery

News on the sidelines of the World Cup. Brian Raman (27 years old) underwent surgery today on his right shoulder, which is the arm he uses for throwing. Our compatriot, who is also a regular participating commentator on darts on VTM 2, has to recover for three days before he can begin his rehabilitation.


The price passes easily Scott

No problems for Gerwyn Price in his first World Cup match. The 2021 world champion is right Connor Scott 3-0. Price was on the alert straight away, racking up top scores and being brilliant on the doubles. Scott played well, but his size was too small. The next hurdle for price? Dolan or the winner of Mansel Zong.