April 17, 2024

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World Indoor Championships: Norwegian Vedets wins the pentathlon gold and Alexander Dohm dazzles in the 400 meters race

World Indoor Championships: Norwegian Vedets wins the pentathlon gold and Alexander Dohm dazzles in the 400 meters race

At the IAAF World Indoor Championships in Glasgow, Norwegian Vedts was the Belgian star on day one, with a new gold medal in the pentathlon. Alexander Dohm impressed in the 400 metres, easily qualifying for the final.

Nour Videts He was the Belgian spearhead on the first day of the World Cup and he lived up to expectations completely. Two years after her win in Belgrade, she also won World Cup gold in the pentathlon in Glasgow.

But also Alexander Dom Shine at the Emirates Arena. With back-to-back wins at 46″11, he convincingly advanced to the semi-finals and what he achieved was even more impressive.

After one hell of a race, he also won his semi-final, in a personal record of 45:69. It is also the fastest time of all the finalists. Death writes a piece of Belgian athletics history. Never before has a Belgian athlete been in the 400m final at an Indoor World Cup.

“I never expected it, because I wasn't supposed to run individually. I'm very satisfied, everything went smoothly today. I feel really strong, especially at the end. Getting a medal is possible, and it will also depend on the layout of the track. I have Confidence in myself, I know I have a good last chance.”

Elliot Christian With his series win, he easily qualified for the 800m semi-finals. also Thibaut de Smet It's already been pressed It took more effort. He's been caught with the best losing times.

There was less Belgian success in the 1500 metres. both of them Elise Vanderlest As a first World Cup appearance Thomas Vanoben Stranded in the chain.


The Belgians on the first day
M/F discipline Athlete hasty
Fifth Pentathlon: 60 meter hurdles Nour Videts 8″27 (III) fourth place
Fifth Pentathlon: High jump Nour Videts 1.79 meters (second) Position: first
M 400 metres: qualifying Alexander Dom 46″11 (first) To the semi-finals
M 800 metres: qualifying Elliot Christian 1'46″79 (first) To the semi-finals
Thibaut de Smet 1'46″34 (third) To the semi-finals
Fifth Pentathlon: Shot put Nour Videts 14.26 meters (second) Position: 2
Fifth 1500 metres: temperatures rise Elise Vanderlest 4'10″15(fifth) Outside
Fifth Pentathlon: long jump Nour Videts 6.50 m (first) Position: 2
M 1500 metres: temperatures rise Thomas Vanoben 3'50″70 (sixth) Outside
M 400 metres: semi-finals Alexander Dom 45″69(first) To the final
Fifth Pentathlon: 800 metres Nour Videts 2'12″19 (3rd) gold
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Coleman beats Lyles

In addition to the pentathlon, four finals were completed on the first day of the World Cup. In the shot put, Chase (Eli) Jackson, the favorite, missed out on gold, just as happened two years ago in Belgrade. Then she had to settle for silver, and now with bronze.

The gold medal went to her great Canadian competitor Sarah MittonThe silver went to German Yemisi Ogunleye.

Among men, he is an Olympic champion and a two-time world champion Ryan Crouser His favorite role is true. Thus, the American won his first world indoor title.

In high jump Nikola Oleslagers To surprise. The Australian was the only one to clear 1.99 metres, thus winning her first title after a silver at the Olympic Games in Tokyo and a bronze at the World Outdoor Championships in Budapest. Defending champion Jaroslava Mahocic had to settle for silver.

In the 60-meter final, we got the expected American confrontation between Noah Lyles and… Christian Coleman. In the semi-final, Coleman equaled Ailes' annual world best of 6.43 and in the final the world record holder went even further.

Coleman had the best start and Lyles was unable to continue. Coleman won in 6.41 seconds, no one ran faster this year, Lyles settled for silver, and the bronze went to Jamaican Akeem Blake.

IAAF World Indoor Championships: March 1

see you tomorrow!

With Christian Coleman's victory in the 60m, we finished the first day of the World Indoor Championships.

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Of course we remember that Nour Videts He is the world pentathlon champion for the second time in a row. also Alexander Dom He put in an impressive performance, becoming the first Belgian ever to reach the 400m final at the World Indoor Championships.

I succeeded in the 1500 meters race Elise Vanderlest And Thomas Vanoben He failed to qualify for the final. Earlier today we could have Elliot Christian And Thibaut de Smet He qualified to the semi-finals in the 800 meters.

Tomorrow a lot of Belgians will be participating again in Glasgow. From 11am you'll be front row for everything.

Coleman takes the gold!

Coleman starts better than Lyles and is no longer able to keep up with his compatriot. Coleman won in 6:41, the world's best performance of the year, and Noah Lyles was second in 6:44. Bronze went to Jamaican Akeem Blake, with a time of 6.46 seconds.

Lyles or Coleman?

The men's 60m final is the apotheosis of the first day of the World Cup. Last year, Noah Lyles won world championship gold in the 100 and 200 meters outdoor races, and this year he wants to complete his collection of titles with the world title in the 60 meters indoor race and, of course, Olympic gold next summer in Paris.

But Lyles will have to compete against Christian Coleman. He just ran a 6.43 in the semifinals, matching Lyles' best performance of the year at worlds.

Vidts: “It didn't happen automatically”

1. Vedets, 2. Vaninen, 3. Physician

Vidts eventually took the gold medal with 4,773 points. This means she is still short of the personal record she set in Belgrade two years ago. Then she won the gold medal with 4929 points.

The silver went to Saja Vääännänen with 4677 points. Sophie Docter won the bronze medal after collecting 4571 points.

Crouser's first indoor world title

Crouser didn't improve on his last attempt, but he didn't need to. The two-time Olympic and world champion won his first world indoor title here in Glasgow.

The silver went to New Zealander Tom Walsh, and the bronze went to Italian Leonardo Fabbri.

Cruiser is on his way to gold

In shot position, it doesn't seem to matter to Ryan Crozier. He is comfortably in front with his throw of 22.77 metres. Tom Walsh came in second place with a distance of 22.07 metres, and Leonardo Fabbri was on his way to getting bronze with a distance of 21.96 metres.

Vedets is the world champion!

Vedets finished third in the final 800 metres, after Sophie Dokter and Sveva Gervini, and remains far ahead of Vaninen. The Finn occupies only eighth place, approximately eight seconds behind Vedets. Our compatriot wins the world title in pentathlon for the second time in a row!

Vidts is in a leading group of 6 athletes. Vanninen leads a pursuit party, but the gap is already large.

Vidts is the virtual world champion, and Vanninen should already leave a serious gap.

Vidts gets off to a fast start. It immediately falls into the top three.