June 5, 2023

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WATCH: Oops, F1 driver Charles Leclerc falls on his face and misses the open goal | distinct

Every year, Monaco’s Formula 1 drivers change their racing outfits for football uniforms. Last night, Charles Leclerc, Pierre Gasly and Carlos Sainz played in the charity match. with some comedic scenes as a result.

The charity football match in Monaco is an annual tradition that leads up to the Grand Prix in the streets of Monte Carlo.

Michael Schumacher showed at that time that he could handle the ball well.

Charles Leclerc may have a little less footballing talent. He quickly went over his face in the match. Then he missed – on the instructions of his Ferrari teammate Carlos Sainz – an open chance.

Monegask had a good laugh. Should only perform next weekend.
Then his home race in Formula 1 was scheduled, a race in which he had not yet reached the podium.

Last year, Leclerc started from pole in Monte Carlo. Fourth came.

Oh yeah, the Formula 1 drivers won the football match 4-3.

Formula 1 drivers on the football field:

The Formula One drivers’ team will play with a close finish mark.

Formula 1 driver Pierre Gasly (Albin) in his football uniform.

Docking Carlos Sainz (Ferrari).

Captain Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) having fun.

Carlos Sainz leaves Earth.

Pierre Gasly and his team win 4-3.

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