May 28, 2024

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Wout van Aert congratulates 'Successor to the Throne' Yves Lambert: 'I really don't understand, moatje' |  a trip

Wout van Aert congratulates ‘Successor to the Throne’ Yves Lambert: ‘I really don’t understand, moatje’ | a trip

Great in defeat. Wout van Aert was quick to congratulate Yves Lampaert after his compatriot improved his time. “Crazy man, I don’t really understand,” Lambert said to his colleague.

Wout van Aert’s disappointment was already wiped out after a few minutes. So he had no problem congratulating Yves Lambert on the best new time right after it was over.

Lambert smiled widely after shaking hands: “You beat the great racer Wout van Aert!” , winked at the press, before turning to Van Aert again. “Damn it, man, I really don’t understand, my favours† However, I thought I left it in the corners every time.”

“Apparently not,” Van Aert smiled.

Striking: Yves Lambert, who announced to our reporter that he thought someone else would dive in on his time, wasn’t specifically prepared for the time trial. Lambert discovered the course in Copenhagen only in the last 48 hours.

“But the good experiences I had in the Belgian championship and in the Belgian championships gave a lot of confidence, but I can’t believe it.”

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