June 14, 2024

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Wout van Aert looks at his autumn: "Remco Evenepoel m ...

Wout van Aert looks at his autumn: “Remco Evenepoel m …


‘De Tribune’ – Sporza’s sports podcast – hosted by Wout van Aert. With sore eyes, because driving a Roubaix (partially) without glasses made itself feel the next day. “The drops can start working after that,” Van Aert noted.

Relevant questions were submitted to Van Aert during the broadcast. Like: Wasn’t he in great shape early this fall? “There is something to be said about that,” Van Aert said. “But at the same time, I think that’s a very easy conclusion. At Roubaix, I felt better than I did at the World Cup. I certainly didn’t feel like I was in another downward spiral. We will analyze everything thoroughly, but it really depends on more than just my planning. It looked so good.”



Van Aart also looked back extensively at the World Cup in Leuven and especially the tactical choices made by Remco Evenepoel. “The tactics of the team or the national coach to use Remco were not like that (early) at all,” Van Aert said. “He himself chose to attack very early, whereas earlier it was with Lambert or Campanaerts. Because Remko was in the lead, they were not able to do their job.”

“We were also supposed to float up front, while he was really driving the flight. He has come a long way since then, but if he had done it in a smarter way, he would have gone further.”

After last week’s battle of words, Van Aert was in touch with Evenbühl: “He called me, but that was too short. No big steps were taken to make it clear, but that would come. We have a profile that allows us to race perfectly together, but then We should be able to discuss this better amongst ourselves. Communication is important in every relationship and Remco still has to take steps in this regard.”


rest time

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Van Aert is now taking a three-week break in which he only wants to take an occasional walk. On a date for his first cyclo cross, he didn’t let himself get hung up. He dismissed the suggestion that it would be Urban’s cross in Kortrijk (November 27): “When I’m there he’ll be in my jeans.”

This week, Van Aert wants to score with the team when winter begins: “It will definitely be in December. Then work towards the championship during a good Christmas period. How many crosses am I going to do? I can say ten now, but there may be many more. It’s not that ten is necessarily good and fifteen is too much. It all depends on the period. We will discuss it further.”