June 24, 2024

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Step by step: The anime Van Vleuten is already taking the first steps...

Step by step: The anime Van Vleuten is already taking the first steps…

It wasn’t the first Paris-Roubaix for the faint of heart. The cobbled strips that are very slippery inserts have created a real battlefield. Also among the victims is Animek van Vleuten, the Dutchwoman suffered a broken pelvis and a broken shoulder as a result of her death. In the meantime, she has already begun her (prolonged) rehabilitation.

Martijn GoethalsSource: Instagram

Despite the pain, Van Vleuten remains optimistic: “Doctors advised me to start walking yesterday with pain as a measure. I started with three steps, but today I am already walking a few meters!”

“I am amazed to see how quickly my body is recovering. I can consider myself lucky to have the Rijnstate medical team with me to provide support.”

“At the hospital in Roubaix, they advised me to lie flat in bed for three weeks and now walk for hours after the crash. I may not be able to go on vacation, but I can start planning my rehabilitation and looking to the future. This makes a huge difference.”

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