April 21, 2024

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Xander De Rycke loses his mother: 'We never had an easy relationship' |  BV

Xander De Rycke loses his mother: ‘We never had an easy relationship’ | BV

BVThe mother of comedian Xander de Ric has passed away, 34. Gentenaar announces this via a long farewell speech on Instagram. “Over the past few years, you have done your best to correct some of your mistakes.”

The relationship between Xander and his mother was pretty bad for a while. The comedian has spoken about this publicly in previous interviews, in his theatrical productions, and in two books he has written. “My mother was a heavy alcoholic,” he said on ‘De Morgen’ in 2018. “Drink made her unstable, paranoid, but also very mean. Vile. I couldn’t handle that. So I cut my tie when I was 18. Two or three years ago she had a brain hemorrhage and I went to see her in the hospital. Since then And I’m in touch again. Every three weeks she sends me an annoying message that worries me about her. But the hate is gone.”

This conflict is also evidenced by De Rycke’s emotional farewell message on Instagram. “Hey mom, the last thing you said to me was to be good,” the comedian writes with his mom with a childhood photo. ‘This was your way of saying ‘behave yourself.’ My answer remains the same as ever. ‘I will do my best.’ I had that in mind when I wrote this text. I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t easy to write about. It goes perfectly with everything else. We haven’t had an easy relationship, you haven’t had an easy life and as many will assure you, you haven’t been easy.”

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“I’ve been thinking a lot about our story in recent weeks,” De Rycke continues. “The first part is very good. I think about picnics in the park with pancakes, birthday parties, Saturday afternoons in the video store, looking for comics at the flea market. The next chapter is less. This is the part of the story where you lose everything. Your parents Your home, your close friends, your trust in people, your son and ultimately even your health. It’s a fact. Life has often dealt with bad cards, but you’ve also dealt with a few of it yourself. In recent years you have done your best to correct some of your mistakes. But unfortunately for you, it hasn’t kept up. your body however and your time was more limited than expected.”

The stand-up comedian then describes the train of emotions running through his body. “I’m crazy. Angry that you didn’t take care of yourself better, and evil that you always pretended to be stronger than you were. I obviously got this stubbornness from you. I feel sad. Sad for what could have been. For what should have been. And I’m happy.” Glad you didn’t have to suffer for so long. Glad you don’t have to suffer anymore. Your legacy is one of many questions.”


Finally, De Rick contemplates the farewell party. “Your last and only wish wasn’t scattered on Zelzat. So I did my best to fill in the gaps as you wish, Mom. You’ll soon be on Lochristi. That means you live close to your parents. Whether you create this content or not, we leave between them. No problem. I was You want it that way. And frankly, there was nothing to rival the Queen of England this week. There’s a tree star in the back of your ticket. A reference to “Flatfoot and His Friends.” A movie I obviously loved dinosaurs. You’re because it’s about a single mom who had to She’s raising a son with her parents. There are some jokes in the text. I think this is only appropriate after you insisted on texting me the cut-off calendar every month for the past few years. I hope you have found your peace. And that you have a neighbor upstairs knocking on the door less. Goodbye mom.”

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