June 21, 2024

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Xbox gets new access options • Eurogamer.nl

Xbox gets new access options • Eurogamer.nl

Including store tags, color filters, and more.

Microsoft reveals in a file Show access to Xbox Starting October 1, it will soon add a bunch of new accessibility options to the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S menus.

In the near future, you’ll see up to 20 tags on each game’s store page that reveal the accessibility options that title has. For example, you can detect if the game has spoken in the menus, reset the input and the ability to play a game with just one joystick. Since Microsoft wants to know what users think, the above option is already available for Xbox Accessibility Insider League. All other users will be able to access this option within a few months.

It’ll be easier to find games with accessibility options soon thanks to the new Spotlight accessibility page. This featured page reveals whether a game is accessible, which games are accessible and stand out to the gaming and disability community, and whether some games have innovative access options.

Quick Settings also gives you the ability to more easily adjust the accessibility settings according to your needs without having to close a game, movie or app. For example, in Quick Settings, color-blind players can adjust settings that make this easier for them.

Finally, the company announces its announcement in advance night mode for xbox and the Xbox Party Chat text-to-speech and speech-to-text option It will be released soon.

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