June 13, 2024

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Xbox is getting an AI chatbot which is really disappointing

Xbox is getting an AI chatbot which is really disappointing

Microsoft is planning to add a virtual chatbot to its Xbox gaming console. This is about a chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to help with customer service. Consider, for example, questions people ask about purchases, or even help with refunds for game purchases that people aren't satisfied with.

Xbox AI chatbot

It's no surprise that Xbox would come up with something like this, although it's a rather brave choice. How great would it be if you could also use an AI chatbot when you're stuck in a game, or just want to know what your friends are playing. That's when an AI-powered chatbot becomes really useful. It's reminiscent of a time when you could call a helpline from your landline and get advice on how to progress in the game: a time before the internet, before walkthroughs and YouTube videos.

vs the edge People say the software giant is testing an AI-powered chatbot that will mainly answer fairly simple customer service questions. However, it will become a kind of character, giving it more personality. It is currently being tested internally and is still a prototype, but it is coming to players. “We are testing the Xbox Support Virtual Agent, an internal prototype of an animated character that can query Xbox Support topics by voice or text,” said Haiyan Zhang, Xbox AI lead. “The prototype makes it easier and faster for players to get help on support topics using natural language, pulling information from existing Xbox support pages.”


In short, it's basically a way to give the Xbox support pages a different look and that's a shame. Artificial intelligence can do a lot. Maybe Microsoft does this for security reasons and doesn't want to just grab all the information from the internet, but there's still a feeling that there's a gap here. Especially since Microsoft's Bing search engine, for example, is now infused with artificial intelligence. However, there is hope: there will also be more AI options for creating content around games. This relates, for example, to game AI art, AI game testing, and AI NPCs. Therefore, AI is starting to appear more clearly in games (although of course it has been around longer, just less in the open). Microsoft is also said to be looking into AI moderation to keep things interesting in the communities.

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So Microsoft is busy with AI and in many ways. An AI chatbot certainly isn't the most exciting invention, but there's a lot of AI coming to the world of Xbox gaming that promises to be interesting. Granted, this isn't always good, but knowing the average NPC, a little AI will probably do wonders in a positive way.